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Good Relationship Advice for Gays
This came across my recommended videos on youtube.  A lot of sound advice I've heard before for many aspects of life.

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I think that is a good eye opener to the psychology aspect. Emotions is a huge part of it and lack of communicating AND understanding are very often a problem. Of course insecurities, whatever they are, whether it's about your body, something to do about sex, penis size or whatever play a big role into causing problems. I do think expectations can be a problem too, sometimes it is expecting more than we should and sometimes it's putting them on a pedestal.

What I do find very very often with other gay men...including myself. There are father issues... Anything from their dad passing away when they were a child, to some sort of physical or emotional abuse. Not saying every gay guy has this issue but a lot who I have dated in the past did and I'm certainly no exception.

I do think a lot of guys will never be truly ready for a relationship. A lot of things, emotionally, have to go right in a relationship and there's plenty of things that go on to throw that all off. I tend to not judge people so much on their financial woes as I have my own but it definitely helps to be financially stable, doesn't mean you have to be rich or necessarily make a lot of money but it helps. Same with being physically attracted to your partner, while I don't think seeking out the guy with the hottest body on the planet will find you happiness I do think there should be some sort of sexual chemistry which comes full circle to knowing what you want and what you like sexually. Not having much experience or having bad experiences really make that difficult or impossible to know.

Either way there's a lot of stuff to work against you in finding success in a relationship, if it is not problems that are thrown at you it the other person as well. It does give me a lot to reflect on, not that I'm unaware of my mistakes in the past as some of those seem to pop up in my head almost everyday. Kind of hard not to feel that trying to end up in a last relationship isn't futile.
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