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All that jazz
First jazz band I paid by myself to go and see when I was about 13 or 14. I was just blown away by the skill and the improvisation of this band that was planets ahead of the rock music I usually listened to.
Torrid Zone

An amazing collection of musicians from all over the world, put together by composer Tony Haynes (seen on this vid playing trombone). I've had the great privilege of working with them on a couple of projects and Tony kindly donated several of his arrangements to one of the bands I play with.

This was filmed the year my mum and dad took us on holiday (1967) and booked for to see one of those end of the pier shows. It just so happened that the Buddy Rich Orchestra was top of the bill. That was one of my luckiest encounters with music. My parents certainly didn't plan it that way. Awesome :eek:

North Sea Jazz 2009 Live - Burt Bacharach - Walk on by

Have we had any Bix yet? I just love the restraint and elegance of his music.

Singin' The Blues

Nuclear War - "if they push that button, yo' ass gotta go".

Sometimes, though, a man just has to be a little more expressive. This live extract from 1981 is excellent. I think the duet between the baritone sax and the bass clarinet would not be allowed these days on health and safety grounds Cool I felt the concerned parent in me saying, "No, don't do that!"

This is a hard one to categorize but since my jazz station is the only place I ever hear it and it does have a definite jazz/blues vibe I thought I would post it here...I love this version and I love this video...has musicians and singers from all over the world jamming together....if you can put it on full screen for maximum enjoyment

...and this one is for my lover because it is his favorite song and he asked me why I hadn't posted it:biggrin:

#19 more:biggrin: My musician friend just stopped by while I was playing Mangione/Satterfield and reminded me how much I loved Diane Shurr...he opened for her in Monterey some years back...I try to catch her when she is Ray Charles she is blind as well..

I like having sex with this song playing...kind of a tradition for certain occasions since the first day I heard it...I think of sex everytime I hear it actually and I get a little hot:biggrin:

The great Gil Scott-Heron. Where have all the intelligent, angry, political jazzers gone?


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