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Alma Mater Getting Sued
matthew91 Wrote:Bullying happens in every school and will continue to happen in every school and in most cases it seems no staff could give a crap. I wasn't horrendously bullied ...
Rant over Smile

guess it is for us:biggrin:
dont care otherwise whatever?
Person66 Wrote:In psychology when you lash out at people because of what's going on in your life it's called projection, it's a coping mechanism, but there are hundreds of not thousands of other ways to cope.

So you understand its a psychological disorder.

Yet still you want to punish it as a crime instead of a medical condition.

I wonder how many people would be cured of depression if we sent them to prison. How many manic depressives that just are not responding to medication would find relief in a little head bashing....? Leeches, electroshock, House of Bedlam - lets go backward to go forward.

Gee I have to wonder if this would work for any medical problem... lets beat the cancer out of people, lets sue their schools because they got the cancer....

Sounds ridiculous?

Bullies are mostly a product of environmental factors and they do not have the coping mechanisms to deal with problems in a rational manner. They are not going to learn how to 'cope' if you beat them up, if you imprison them (send them to a place full of other insane people expecting the insane to rehabilitate the insane - it doesn't work) - is as insane.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Bullies are mostly a product of environmental factors and they do not have the coping mechanisms to deal with problems in a rational manner. They are not going to learn how to 'cope' if you beat them up, if you imprison them (send them to a place full of other insane people expecting the insane to rehabilitate the insane - it doesn't work) - is as insane.

Prisons (in THEORY more than practice) serve 2 purposes: rehabilitation is one, but protection of society another. In the case of bullies, the idea of locking them up to prevent them from hurting others thus makes sense to me. In theory (granted this would no doubt get screwed up) locking them up for sensitivity training or in a mental health facility could be a similar alternative.

That said, locking them with criminals and true sociopaths is also likely to make them worse instead of better, and they can learn all kinds of ways to game the system and get away with crimes as well as making criminal connections while on the inside. Should they be stigmatized as a convict after they get out which makes it difficult to get a good job or get into college then they can likely be pushed into criminal behavior which means now society is unsafe, not just a school. Therefore I can appreciate other options being used (so long as that option isn't "nothing").

I'm also disinclined to treat kids as adults as they're kids (which is why I focus on the adults in charge--and I do think if schools suffer for allowing bullying then they won't allow it, and hopefully mentally ill bullies would then get the help they need). I did some stuff as a kid that if I'd done it as an adult I'd consider terrible and near unforgivable, mainly because as a kid I was immature, stupid, and hadn't fully developed self-control and an awareness of long term consequences. If anyone thinks a kid should be treated as an adult in the legal system then I think they should be willing to grant them full rights of adulthood, including the right to vote, because it's saying that kids ARE adults.

And just to nitpick, I do think--actually know from experience--that at least in some cases bullies will stop bullying a victim if they fear violent reprisal from their target. Of course that doesn't stop bullying in the school, just for that one person. And it wouldn't stop extreme cases (like when one boy, after failing to inspire other boys to help him beat up an openly gay kid when he wasn't brave enough to beat up the boy by himself, just brought a gun to school and shot the boy in class). Punishment by authority figures (like if schools treated bullying like they do drugs--you know, how they strip search girls for Midol and then suspend them if they find it--stupid, yes, but maybe appropriate for bullying) would also curb it...though granted only in the school itself.

Just out of curiosity, what do you think should be done? (If you want to include details then maybe you should start a new thread and link to it here--or not, just a suggestion as I think it might be worthwhile to think about.)
Institute a global initiative to sterilize the population starting at age 16 for a ten year period. Let them earn the right to be a parent by going to school and going through therapy to lean how to cope with kids.

Sterilization is easy, and a ten year period is had with implantable devices for both male and females. These are one time medical implants - a doctors office visit is all that is needed. They are over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Female: intrauterine device. Male: Injectable

This should curb the destruction of our most precious resource, our children.

As for bullies, they should undergo therapy to find out why they are they way they are, their parent(s) if the cause should also undergo therapy to stop the family tradition.

My parents should never have had children. My mother had 4 (killed two when they were infants, nearly killed me) My father ended up with 8, 2 of which ended up in prison, the other two were lucky because their mother's were smart enough to run far, far far away from my father. Us four sharing the same mother half survived...

My brother ended up in and out of jail for his short life, selling himself on Hollywood blvd (or something like that) and ended up dead at age 29 from full blown AIDS. I'm the only one who 'survived' with any sanity under the tutelage of my parents.

As such I see a great deal of good reason to enforce sterilization for those adults who cannot act as a parent, allowing the others that can to earn that right through education and licensing. Being a parent is not a right, its a responsibility. One that so few people seem to take to heart.

I guarantee you in 20 years time after such a program is initiated, most of the crime and 'terrible' stuff humans do to each other would become a thing of history.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
Bowyn you fault me for wanting to punish bullies because they have a psychological disorder, because this behavior might have been caused by childhood traumas. Yet the same could be said for domestic abusers, those who beat their wives and children, they too were usually beaten as kids or watched their mothers get beaten.
Let's not forget child molesters, most of them were molested themselves as children. Are they victims too who need therapy instead of jail?
Hazing is another vicious cycle. People inflict physical, sexual and emotional abuse on those they initiate because they themselves were initiated like that.
Murder is a coping mechanism too, let's be honest there are people who hurt us so badly, we'd be better off if they were dead (so would society if they are evil enough).
Where do we draw the line?
What crimes can't be traced to some sort of childhood trauma?
Are there enough therapists in the world?

About your global initiative to sterilize the population. It sounds good to me, in in theory that is.
As my parents had no business raising children either, I survived in spite, not because of them, but who knows what will happen to my younger brother (it doesn't look good).
In practice this would be a "big-brother" type disaster! Some girls start menstrating at 12, therefor 12 year olds would need sterilization. Who is going to approve of injecting RISUG into pre-teen scrotums!
We also have no idea what the long-term effects of this are?
IUDs are a terrible idea, have you heard of the Dakron-shield disaster? I did a paper on it and it isn't pretty!
Besides the woman herself could remove the IUD! The Norplant system is a better idea, but it might lead to higher levels of breast and ovarian cancer.
Also who gets to decide what a qualified parent is? And even if we all agree on that how do we judge who is qualified? A multiple choice test? Not to mention that a black market system will pop up to provide children to unqualified parents. The drive to procreate is so strong that even most gays want to marry, have children and generally live like straight people.
In short there are no easy answers. However a total re-haul of our penal/prison system might be a good place to start. So would be investing in finding a better methods of sterilization.
Alas I don't see these things happening as we are to the left of the general American population.

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