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Am I bi or just curious?
This is really bugging me..Growing up I have always been into only girls and never even thought of being with a guy, but about 2 months ago I was watching porn and strangely, the girl didn't turn me on, I got insanely turned on by his penis and ever since then I've started checking out guys and watching gay porn sometimes, at night I dream of sleeping with a guy cuddling naked...

But other times I regret doing that and stop it for a week, then out of nowhere start looking at naked men online..

So, do u think I'm bi or just curious? I've never kissed or done anything with a guy
I would say bi , however you should base it on porn,
Only you really know ,perhaps if you try to accept this about yourself, it will all become clearer.
So, before I address your question, can you tell me if something happened in your life 2-3 months ago?
I'm asking because, while its not uncommon for str8 guys to comment on the cocks and guys they see in str8 porn, its very rare for 100% str8 men to be aroused by cock in something probably triggered this sudden interest in cock.

So, has something happend in your life in the last 3 months? Made a new friend, stress from work, family, or some other event (perhaps a friend came out or something?).

As of right now, you'd be considered bi-curious. Porn and fantasy are fun diversions...don't read too much into it - unless something DID happen in your life 2-3 months ago.
Fantasies00 Wrote:... porn ... I got insanely turned on by his penis ... But other times I regret doing that and stop ...
normally the stock answer is porn is not a good indication of anything. Porn is choreographed to sell and dosnt represent anything close to real life. Also you can get your self off. Being gay is able to maintain a successful same sex relationship more than a hetero one. but you said "insanely".

Dont try to use stock terms. Almost always your setting your self up for failure. I mention this because in your post you seem driven by "regret". A term you used in your original post. Gay Bi or straight i bet you would not regret a relationship based on love, respect... find the person your at your best at.
Okay, this comes form a video game (Dragon Age II) Anders: "I've always believed people fall in love with a whole person, not just a body. Why would you shy away from loving someone just because they're like you?"

And that really is the truth. While have have never been sexually attracted to a woman, I would not rule one out simply because of that. Yes, I'm gay but even then, it does not mean it is impossible for me to love a woman and, even for the sexual attraction to follow.

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