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Am I straight, turning bi, or just curious?
Okay so, I always watch porn and about 2 months ago I was watching a video but for some strange reason, the girl didn't turn me on, I got aroused by the guy, ever since then I've been dreaming of me having gay sex and looking at naked guys and I love it, it turns me on so much!

But I've never been like this, I always been into girls only but out of no where I just wanna have sex with a guy and cuddle naked..but..I picture myself as a girl..idk what's wrong with me :/ please help..also, I've never kissed or done anything with a guy..please help! :/
Sexuality can be fluid, it can change throughout our lives. I can't tell you what yours might be. I can tell you that nothing is wrong with you and, I'd say you might like exploring at least some fun, if not a relationship with a guy.
really porn dosnt define you much in any way. Porn is choreographed to make money and appeal to a wide audience. Being gay is being able to have and want a successful same sex relationship.

dont try to define your self with other people's definitions, almost always is a setup for failure
Being attracted to men isn't synonymous with being gay or bisexual. Some guys can admit men look good and others think that makes a person gay. That isn't true. Just because this fellow has a good face and a nice body doesn't mean you want sex with them.

Another thing that confuses guys is what your penis reacts to, arousal can be a response to many stimuli, case and point I became aroused in a fender Bender accadent, because of stresses involved in cars colliding. It happens in other instances when I have physical contact with people, sexual or not.

Porn is entertainment only, watching gay porn doesn't mean you are necessarily gay. I have heard guys say similar thing, they want to be held, treated like the woman cuddled and kissed, mostly from my straight married friends, when talking to me about a potential or past homosexual relationship.

Explore your curiosity, alone or with someone, my bisexuality developed from homosexuality, i was gay growing up, out changed in my adult life, just rather recently I might add. I never ever watched straight porn, only gay, but a friend of mine wanted me to watch porn with him, and it opened thoes thoughts, it was just a catalyst, not the reason. Now i am bisexual
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you ,you are bi,no big deal and 100% natural.
Sexual awakening is different for each of us,

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