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Am crazy or wtf?
DarkDaisuke Wrote:He's a logical person so yeah he sees you perhaps taking a vacation later or something when you have money and perhaps being together or something. I don't know but it's up to you whether or not you believe him about his vibe about that day :/ I mean Id probably listen to my partner but that's only because I'm submissive as hell and just don't like to argue :/

I cant say i like to argue, but i argue maybe a litllle to much :p
Take the work and treat the pair of you with the money you earn.
I don't like Christmas at all and do my very best to ignore the damn thing.

Better I think to spend time with him when it means something.

If I could work Christmas and New Year I would but we're not open so I'll just have to find a channel on TV that is not overly laden with seasonal saccharine!
marshlander Wrote:Take the work and treat the pair of you with the money you earn.

Wow, i really didn't expect that so many of u prefer working on NY eve, it seems that only i make it such a big deal...i feel a litlle narow-minded abiut it. Hmmm. My bf birthday is on 5 january so... i've give it a thought and i think i will work on NY after all even if i'm not ok with that, but hey sometimes we have to change the way we think...
Personally I think New Year's Eve is overrated, lots of people getting drunk but unsure quite why. Hogmanay, however, I thoroughly recommend.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Yoohoo, you are a being a bit dramatic, don't you think? Your feelings should be validated, and if you are angry, then let it out. But relationships (ALL) are a series of compromises. You said he has always had the opinion that holidays are trivial, and he has a sixth sense (which according to you is never wrong). Sooooooo,give him a break, be angry, BUT, compromise this time, and go to work, and keep safe.
Crisit21 Wrote:Wow, i really didn't expect that so many of u prefer working on NY eve, ...
I am not so well off that I can afford to turn down work when it comes in. If my band has a booking on Old Year's Night I take it and we can charge a higher fee.

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