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An Unexpected Love
Okay so let me tell you a story... (This is a true story and will use fake names for privacy)

So its early May 2016 and I'm just swiping through tinder one night and match with this kid, let's call him Nate. So Nate and I (we'll call me Ken) we talk all night and you can instantly feel a connection. We both had the same trouble of figuring ourselves out so we found that common quality with each other. So the night goes on and I'm really enjoying talking to this kid and I can tell he's into me as well. Let me state that the topic I chose to talk about for our first convo was "where a good place to hide a dead body is" like seriously? What is wrong with me.
So let's fast forward a couple of days. So we are talking about a week now and decide to meet in person. He invites me over to his house while his parents are out. Mind you this is the first time im meeting this kid and I agree to meet at his house, not knowing what I could be getting myself into. Totally not like me to just go to someone's house on the first "date." So I'm driving to his house and I keep thinking to myself "okay it's not too late to tell him you're sick, or you broke your foot and gotta go to the hospital" also keep thinking to myself "okay this is where you get catfished or tied up or some wack shit like that."
So I finally get to his house and get greeted with that awkward first hello and he tells me to follow him to his room. So we go to his room and he lays on his bed and I sit awkwardly on the end of his bed not saying anything. I keep thinking to myself "okay you can make a move now, let's break the awkward-ness." He stretches out and puts his legs across mine and eventually tells me to come cuddle. So I do and I am SO uncomfortable but won't say anything because I didn't want to sound like a complaining little bitch so I just deal with it until he says to me "you look uncomfortable do you want some pillow?" So everything is going nicely and we wind up kissing a little bit and just holding eachother. I never felt more safe and comfortable in that moment. I knew right then and there this is going to be a while and not just a one and done thing. Here we are now 4 months later and still going strong.
In these past four months, this kid has become my best friend and so much more. I love him. He has taught me what it's like to actually love someone, to miss someone every second you're not with them. He's become my other half. This boy has the biggest heart and he motivates me every day. He has such a great personality and really cares for me. He's shown me what it's like to actually be loved by someone else and what it's like to feel like someone's everything. He makes me feel alive and new and gives me a feeling I've never felt before. He is so protective over me and looks out for me in every way possible and I am forever grateful for that. He's taught me how to love and what it's like to be loved.
We basically spent every single day together over the summer. He's met my friends and I've met his and they all say how cute we are together and how we balance eachother out. I am a dreamer and he is a realist. And that balances us out. He keeps me from soaring too far into a dream and I get him off the ground and to live life more fun. I don't know what I would do without this boy and I am forever grateful for meeting him. He has changed me for the better and has helped me find myself and I can never thank him enough for that.
Yes, right now in this moment we are in a relationship. Will that last forever? Who knows. Will he be apart of my life forever? 100%. I can't imagine my life without him. He has been there for me during hard times in my life as I have for him. I know this boy is always there when I need someone for anything as I am there for him for anything.
We have created so many great memories together and I cannot wait to create more and I can thank that all to a little app called Tinder. Without that app I would've never of met this boy and its felt like I've known him my entire life.
In these past four months we have done so much together. He's been there for my birthday, went on a camping trip together as well as a road trip to amusement parks. And so much more. Yes, we do fight sometimes but it lasts maybe five minutes and it's probably the most comical thing you will ever see in your life. He's my boy and I'm his. I thank him for showing me a better life and always being there for me. I also thank Tinder to have brought us together.
Your post got buried due to your newness on here. We seem to get more sad stories here than happy ones, so I thought I'd bump yours up to the top. Thanks for sharing it!
Yes, thanks for sharing. It's nice to see happy stories around here as well.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
Wow, thanks for sharing, it's so nice to hear stories like yours, it gives me hope and courage for the future Smile

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