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Anal Orgasm????
Ok so first post but here i go. I have only ever hooked up with one guy before and consider myself bi so im not experienced here but i have a few questions. After playing with this guy its been a few years down the road and i've found myself interested in hooking up with a male again, unfortunately i live in a super small town and i'd rather not join the scene thats here more so because i dont enjoy the scene. But back to the question i've made a home-made toy for the time being until i either find someone to play with or i can get a real toy and i've been cleaning my ass out before i play, use a condom and lube for the whole ordeal. after ive been playing with myself for a bit and i've finally got good and relaxed then i keep going i feel like im def hitting the prostate and can feel it in my cock but it also at times feels like my ass explodes with a orgasm so what about my ass cumming??? is that possible??? I dont feel like i use a extensive amount of lube but just the right about but after a good hard pounding and the orgasm feeling i pull out my toy and i start dripping fluid from my ass, i push it all out then go back to toying and after another anal orgasm feeling it tends to happen again. so im wondering if thats normal or is that a build up of lube maybe? anyways just wondering, oh and i know this is random but last night i had my first cum from anal and it was amazing. edged myself until i was about to blow the toyed myself good and hard and it all started flowing, it was amazing so i know its possible guys haha.
I think what you have had was a prostate-orgasm.

If I remember right mens have more nerves in their anal-region as they have in their penis but they mostly "sleep" because they are not trained.
And if you or your partner...or toy .. or whatever find the right spot on your prostate.. you can get a prostate-orgasm. To get this kind of orgasm it is not necessary to get or to have a erection... mostly the orgasm is much more intense then a "normal".... and it has a great benefit : after this one are normally not tired ..and you don´t lose the hormons which makes you *whisper* horny *g
the fluid ... i think it was only sweat and lube :-)

some facts

here you can find your prostate *G

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oooohhh prostatesConfusedmile:

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