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Anal Sex
Alright so. I have been a bottom for quite some time and have had some embarrassing experiences with my partners :frown:. My first time wasn't bad. I mean, 8 inches your first time sorta hurts ;p. the second time was okay also. But then, the third time, ohh my god. I can't believe I leaked! I got so upset. That was such a turn off for me. I'm sure it was a turn off for him also Sad. He told me it happens from time to time. But I knew that there was someway to prevent it from happening again. So I decided to experiment on myself.

The best way to combat this is to, before sex use an enema (Anal douche). I recommend using "Fleet" brand. Which can be purchased at many stores or online if you're not comfortable with buying one over the counter (I also hear that when the product is used up you can refill the enema with warm water and will have the same effect).

To enema. I would lay on my side and put some lube on the tip of the product, slowly insert the tip, and squeeze about half of the contents into the anus. I would suggest squirting a little, take a little break, squirt a little, and so on.
Then I would shake my pelvis as a washing machine does clothes Smile (for a minute or so). Swish everything around. Also holding your legs into the air for about 15 seconds will help. Soon you will feel the need to release, go take the dump. (Note: An enema's recommended use once every 24 hours, doing more within that time period can do damage!)

Now, the colon is the body's dumpster, it's not going to be completely clean. But at least you wont be giving your partner any surprises lol. You are ready to take it to the back door. Don't forget to be safe, go slow, and use a generous portion of lube.

Hope this was helpful to most of you beginners ;P.
I'm doing my best to get past the pelvic washing machine image - thanks for sharing Rolleyes
Haha yes, but "Don't bash it until you've tried it". Moving around that area will get most of the excess matter to evacuate. Now, if there is anyone who can actually give me feedback on this method, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Smile
Do you need feedback? Sounds like you've got it all covered...Wink
Alright cool. Thanks for your feedback Smile
That might be why I never fancy big dicks. It is fun to hold them though..
Sorry for your embarrassing moments! I guess I should be grateful that I have never leaked! Yikes! Most of the guys I've been with have had big dicks, too. Anyway....I've never douched personally, but I always make sure I'm clean down there and have never gotten any complains about cleanliness. So I don't think douching is necessarily a must.
who invented these things? he's a genius!!!!
thanks for telling me there is such device exists....

i was always wondering would sth like that happen while having anal i know.

be4 this I was thinking taking some laxative/ purgative/ cathartic (which one is correct?? i just check up on the dictionary lol) for the same purpose...
Being clean down there can make anal sex lots of fun. I have douched many times but I use a regular douche / hot water bottle which can be purchased at any drug store or Walmart. Fill with warm water and hang the bottle from the towel bar next to the toilet (if there is one). Use the douche nozzle that comes with the kit. Sit on the toilet, take your time, and clean yourself. Can use the kit over and over and if you need a hot water bottle you got it.
Oh, "pelvic washing machine", very funny.

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