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Anal sex before and after prostate biopsy
Pretty serious stuff here. I have read that doctors advise gay bottoms who have a prostate biopsy not to have anal sex for three weeks after the event. Anyone have experience with this... and what about before the biopsy is taken? Is it necessary to avoid anal sex for some days before a biopsy? Is there a specific web site for gay men with health info such as this?

Interesting question, just had a bit of a google in the topic. Can't find a definitive answer to your question. You are right abstinence is advised afterwards to allow healing, but I've seen no comment about before. My best advice is to ask your surgeon.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Gay straight doesn't matter. If you have anal sex then no anal sex until the biopsy wound is fully healed.

Prior to the biopsy or even a scope, you will have a two day fasting period where you will be on laxatives and a clear liquid diet. This is to totally flush your system out. That final 12 hours you will be empty - real empty.

Having sex during that period will most likely not be something you are interested in, you will in essence have the runs along with cramping, hunger and potentially the shakes and a few other things.

I would advise against having anal sex during the period of fasting. Things will not be solid down yonder, while it will not affect the biopsy, having diarrhea in bed may make things a bit awkward for you and your partner.
I would never disagree with any advice like this from a legitimate medical practitioner...

it seems like a no-brainer to not have sex after a medical or surgical procedure. For the sake of a few days or weeks (not a lifetime without sex) I would say just abstain until you're 100% back to full health.

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