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Apple Music v Spotify
Which one are you using? I used to be with Spotify but now subscribe to Apple Music. It's better integrated with my Apple products and a good choice of tunes and videos
Spotify, Their cheaper and i like their layout more. Only downside is some shitty artist don't want to use them
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Neither. I'm partial to Pandora, personally. Every once in a while I look at other options, but they're usually more expensive so.... I end up staying with Pandora anyway.

Although, I understand Pandora is only viable in the US. So probably not relevant to anyone in the UK, or Canada, or... well anywhere else.
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All my things are Apple so I chose Music, it's easy and practical.
Neither, I use amazon prime music, listen to the radio mainly BBC one Xtra, Team Rock or my huge music collection nearly 400GB at last count. I think the Apple Music and Spotify cost to much money for what you get.
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