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Ask a question, get an answer.
BiPenny Wrote:Question for fjp, other than fruit what is your favourite food?

What horrible timing to answer this question... right now fasting for a morn visit to the lab for blood tests...

I guess there are two categories. My own cooking and restaurant dishes...

My own cooking would have to be my Pasta. Important to have an al dente pasta. I do start with a store bought sauce but add a lot of stuff...

As for going out to a restaurant... it would be tough to chose... if we are talking no price and I had to chose one from: Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indian or Fusion - I would chose Fusion (my fav ever being Japanese/Italian)... the menu always changes and your taste buds are always excited. One of the best dishes I ever had was a raw tuna served on an Italian spiced, warm rice cracker.
Question to BiPenny:

In general how long does it take your body to adjust to riding a horse...

for example, I ride a road bicycle with a standard hard seat. Coming from an off season onto the bike can take about a week of riding, a couple hours a day to become accustom to the bicycle... your butt is sore for a bit getting use to the seat and you do not have the leg reach/extension you had previous.

I bet it is a lot longer to get your muscles use to being seated on a horse.. is there a difference with a saddle and without?
I have a question for you joseph

Do you have a lucky number ? If so, what is it ?


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
joseph Wrote:wouldlikemusel what is your favrite restraunt.

Interesting question... I am going to choose somewhere that doesn't do a great variety, and wouldn't consider to be the BEST meals of all time... but because of growing up in London and loving the meals they serve since I was a kid.. it'll be Cooke's Pie & Mash Shop, Goldhawk Road (as seen in the film Quadrophenia). Traditional grub... Double Pie, Double Mash, Liquor and splash on a whole heap of vinegar. Washed down nicely with a pint of cold milk! Beware when the football's on and QPR are playing at home... they WILL run out of pies before closing!!

The Liquor... non alcoholic!!.. being a parsley sauce cooked with jellied eels. Don't like the actual eels, but the taste it adds to the liquor just can't be beaten.

BiPenny Wrote:Question for WLM - what is your one everlasting memory of college?

Ooh... sooo many memories... mostly good for me... I think I would have to choose one of the summer 'work' trips... either Tenerife or Jersey (no bias.. honest Shadow!!)... they were great trips... dolphin and whale monitoring in Tenerife.. including lots of fun on and off the water and climbing Mount Teide. Jersey for the behind the scenes look of the DWCT (the zoo). And of course... making some great lifetime friends (funnily... all female!!)

I shall remember to ask some questions for people soon... can't think of any at mo... need for sleep but not being able to actually go to sleep is strong!! lol

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
i think my lucky number was 23 becuse how old iam!
Riding my horse to school (she was Penny Black!!) was fab!!! It is one of my favourite memories. I hated school and I remember being horribly disappointed when Penny went for a sh1t just OUTSIDE of the school grounds!!! :eek: :biggrin:

I used to have goats at one of the yards I worked at, so sweet, except for the Billy who was bl00dy evil!!!

My fave sweets depends what mood I'm in. Everyday mint imperials are good. Chocolate I like mintrels (or the new white chocolate version milkybar have just brought out) and I love marzipan.

Must say though I am USUALLY a pretty good girl when it comes to sweets n choc. A few mints here and there and chocolate mainly only at THAT time of the month.

FJP - I will reply in full after I have finished my tea!!!
Ok, adjusting to riding a horse *puts riding instructor hat on and tries not to go on for tooooooo long!!!*

This really depends on all sorts of factors - how fit you are, what kind of horse you ride, how often you sit on a horse etc etc etc.

Most people start riding by taking lessons once a week, doing this it will take quite some time to adjust as your body forgets how it adjusted before. When riding in this way it will take a good few months to become relaxed and comfortable in the saddle from the moment of getting on. (though you will usuallhy find that you are comfortable by the end of a 45 minute session you will be re-adjusting again when you return the following week).

Those who are lucky enough to throw themselves in at the deep end and ride everyday will find it much easier and will adjust in a matter of weeks, sometimes days.

Fitter people generally find it easier (though not always as padding in vital areas can lead to saddle sores becoming less of an issue!!!)

The type of horse you are on can make a HUGE difference. For example is it fat or thin? Big moving or small moving? Fast or slow? Wheras most bicycles are the same or very similar in shape horses are all very different.

I still take time to adjust now sometimes, especially to a horse who is a very different size/shape/movement to those I am used to. And I have been riding for nearly 20 years. The big thing is that a horse is always moving and has a mind of its own wheras a bike only goes as you ride it.

In general women find it easier than men to become comfortable (yes guys, it WILL hurt your balls!!! Underwear choice is VERY important here if you're having a go, y fronts or at the least boxer briefs. Letting it hang loose is not a good option here!!!) but in general, once comfortable, men will progress faster then women.

IMO horse riding is a FANTASTIC sport which has so many applications for enjoyment. I have worked for mainstream riding schools, riding for the disabled and centres catering for riders/people who want to be round horses who have mental or behavioural difficulties and I now work in a competition yard. The horses make so much of a difference. This really is my passion. If I have one complaint it is that I will never make 'proper' money out of it, then again my other complaint is that it is not readily accesible enough to the majorities due to the price (you can buy a child a football, trainers, small net and some training cones for about £30, which he could play with for months, £30 would buy 2/3 riding lessons depending on what area you live in).

I hope I have answered your question. If any one else wants to ask me about horses please feel free but I take no responsibility for the length/passion/outrageousness of my answers!!!! :biggrin:
joseph Wrote:i think my lucky number was 23 becuse how old iam!

That's a cool number :biggrin: xx.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Question for Penny....Do you have yer own horse? and have ya ever been on a drag hunt? Wink (the horse and hounds type) lol

Phil! -

I do not have my own horse at the moment. I have had horses in the past, my two main ones were Penny Black, from when I was 14 til I went to uni at 18, and Sea Breeze, who I owned for 6 months in 2007.

Yes I have been drag hunting in the past, not many times, only 4 or 5, but it was great fun!

Question for Phil, have you ever ridden (horse!), if so was it seriously or a pleasant passtime? What other sports do you enjoy?

Question for any mod, why the heck is my screen (well, gs forum pages) all black??

ETA - never mind mods, just caught up, and changed back to old stylee, no likee new one!!

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