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Asperger's Syndrome / Autism
I have seen "being gay" in AS forums, but I haven't offhand found any in here.

I'm interested to know if anyone here is somewhere on the autism spectrum. Personally, I have a mild form of Asperger's, which means I'm quirky, have some sensory (and very mild synesthesia) issues, and I'm not always great at catching onto subtleties in other people. (Whether it's because I'm female, especially intuitive, or milder, I'm not as bad as a lot of Aspies about this. I've learned to read--both literally and intuitively--other people.)

For those who don't know, some famous people who are either diagnosed or presumed Aspies are Einstein, Bill Gates, and Dan Akroyd (yes, someone on the spectrum can be wicked funny--I can be!).

I've heard there are many gay Aspies. are there any here? If so, are you willing to share your stories?

Thanks in advance!
right hereWavey
Yay! I's not alone! 8^)
GossamerMoon, do you get the humour of the Big Bang Theory then? My partner, although he finds it quite funny, often feels uneasy about a show being made to laugh about Sheldon's quirky form of behaviour (is it Asperger's, or autism?). To some extent we see why it can be construed as funny, but at the same time, it's good for us to know people from all kinds of spectrums, when debate and discussion is still possible to some extent.
I haven't watched it, actually, but I know a lot of Aspies like it.
I must admit, GossamerMoon, that it is well written, in any case, and is fun to watch on many levels.
princealbertofb Wrote:I must admit, GossamerMoon, that it is well written, in any case, and is fun to watch on many levels.

I'll have to check it out then! I'll see if it's on Netflix. :biggrin:
Yes, I have Aspergers Syndrome, also.
There is a presumption that I am light aspy in that I don't do small talk, I tend to get lost on the gist of when its my turn to talk on the telephone. I'm happiest leaning up against a wall as a support system than I am with the whole 'meet and greet' and talk about stuff that isn't really important.

Further, I have dutifully been removing tags from my shirts since 1974 (age 8) as they annoy me to to no end. Maybe a bit sooner, I recall being a wee child and trying to remove the damn things with brute force...

I'm also 'light sensitive' - natural sunlight is not a problem, At night with the house lights I tend to go around turning off lights and keeping it dim in the house as I get 'annoyed' and perturbed by bright unnatural lights.

Of course if I had my way we would live by candle light or oil lamp light. There is something soothing and comfortable about the yellow glow.

I also did the test a while back, I tested in at 35 or something like that.

Never went in for a proper diagnosis, I figure now that I'm 46 years old there is really no point in that.
I have suspected I have mild Asperger's, twice I have been tested one test I scored a 28, the other 32 so, right on the line.

On the phone, if I get talking about something I'm into, I won't hear a word you say until you yell at me, then I shut up and have no idea when I'm supposed to talk again so, just wait for you to get upset and hang up on me.

Bright artificial light drives me nuts - every bulb in my house is a 7 watt florescent - the higher wattage ones are uselessly bright and, I will drive most people nuts turning off lights as I leave a room - never more than two lights on at the same time in my house, and that only if I'm say cooking and watching TV, thus going back and forth form the kitchen to the den frequently.

Tags on clothing don't bother me but, the feel of certain colors on certain fabrics does. A black, dark green, or dark blue cotton tank is fine but a red, yellow or white one definitely is NOT fine.

Too cool a bath or shower and I won't take one at all. My just right is way too hot for most people - hot enough to turn skin red in about 5 minutes in the water. I'll stay in such a bath for 45 minutes to an hour happily.

A few things I have to do in the same order every time or I don't think it's done right. Bathing being the biggest. In a shower any order is fine but, in a bath it has to be wash the face, wash the hair, shave, wash the rest of the body, with the groin and buttocks being the last two things washed. Yeah I know it's all in the water at the same time but, still.

Never got a formal diagnosis, parents didn't care and had other reasons for not taking me to doctors and, as an adult, other than my own curiosity, it had never been a big deal.

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