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Austins Date blog
Ok I'm on my phone guys. last night was awesome and iam here at Va. beach right now.
This guy is super awesome and the beach is also this. time of year.
[SIZE="3"]Back from the beach and alot of my friends was there. It turned out to be a senior weekend with alot of partying. Yay now its back to reality and Austins world.
Byron is very jealous of my friends , however we managed to have fun anyway.[/SIZE]
Met someone new .Wow may be time to give byron the boot, this person i can relate to. I hope it works out

New people are fun.
austin Wrote:Met someone new .Wow may be time to give byron the boot, this person i can relate to. I hope it works out

uhmmm... you told us you reserved your virginity for byron, and now, a new guy :eek:

anyway, have fun dating austin Smile
Just put some rubber between you guys and have a happy hunting : D
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline.

Just do what you feel is right.
Life is there to be enjoyed and lived so you need to take charge of it.
You only live once.

But remember don't go in the water until you know how to swim and if you only want to paddle then wear a welly! (This has nothing to do with the ocean or even swimming by the way)
Dating is on hold for now , pending how my long distance relationship works out. I plan on meeting him this summer i hope it works out.

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