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BallDroppings - Create Music!
So my friend on Tumblr was telling me about this site where you can basically make you're own music by making lines and letting little white balls drop on them Smile

The more lines there is, The more balls will hit. Sometimes it can get a little out of control but it's so fun! (: I feel like i had a classical theme going for quite a while.

Give it ago (: You might like it.
It got even more interesting after all my MESS of lines all over the place and then worked my way into to the source for a very small limited triangle. Turned out pretty good! That was fun...thanks! Smile
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That's awesome baby , I love it.

Do you remember the engineers and music students music machine?

An Engineered Musical Masterpiece

I do! (: It reminds me of it alot! (:
Oh great, just what I needed, a thing I can obsess on for hours at a time and not really accomplish anything... thanks :biggrin:
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Not clicking, nope, never, I don't need any more obess...... *click* see you in a few days. :tongue:

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