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Bars in South Yorkshire ish area??

I need some help please? I'm taking a friend out tonight and he wants to dress as a woman for the night (for the first time in public)....where can I take him? He's a bit nervous.
We live in Sheffield so would prefer to go out of town, Chesterfield, Barnsley, Derby etc. anywhere in the surrounding area where we won't bump into work friends.

Any suggestions???
Maybe you could check online for bars that are LGBT or drag friendly in those areas and see if any appeal to you.
If your friend meets some people in the same kind of place, isn't it then obvious that they also enjoy cross dressing and would not be phased or fussed?
I've tried the internet and not a lot advertised. Found one bar in Barnsley so called them and asked, she just laughed down the phone the cheek of her!
Anyhow, still not had any luck and regards him finding people alike.....that is the plan and why I'm asking for help.
Thanks anyway

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