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Best Substitutes
We've all had to find a substitute for this or that ingredient in a recipe. What's one you know that others might not?

In baking, if it calls for eggs, you can use an egg sized spoonful of mayonnaise for each egg instead.
I called for an egg once.... didn't get a lot else done that day.
If it calls for butter apparently you can use applesauce instead to still get moistness
[Image: CommonIngredientSubstitutionsArticle-All...Page_1.jpg]

[Image: CommonIngredientSubstitutionsArticle-All...Page_2.jpg]

[Image: CommonIngredientSubstitutionsArticle-All...Page_3.jpg]

LOL I was thinking the same thing!

I use lemon juice and milk in place of buttermilk all the time since you can't buy the stuff in smaller quantities in my area anymore.
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