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Best place to find a BF??
Anonymous wouldn't work though!!
Seems ok

LadsLads: Logon

although I didn't go any further than this home page.
You'll find it a lot harder to meet someone if you're actively seeking out man specifically for the purpose of becoming your boyfriend. My advice is to stop looking for things so actively and just keep an open mind on the people you meet. If they like you and you like them, sorted. If not, we all meet new people every day, and the guy who smiled at you on the bus last week might just bump into you in starbucks and wouldn't that be fantastic?? If not, keep on lookin, we meet new people all the time...

And just by going out and having a good time, people will notice you. I guarantee it.
How about throwing a party and have your friends bring their friends along? It is a good way to net work and you could find out the background of your new potential boyfriend because someone in the party bound to know him. After you throw a few parties, people would start inviting you to their parties and you begin to create your new social circle. It is a different approach to meet new people.
I used to always use Bebo


it works =+)

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