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Bi-Curious Men
[COLOR="Blue"]First of all I have to say that I am fond of curious men. Kind of an obsession of mine :biggrin:

Now as for my nosy questions:

1. How long have you been curious?

2. Did anything kinda "trigger" that curiosity? (Or shall I say, unveiled it)

3. How far would you go with men, sexually? And would you want just sex or maybe more?[/COLOR]
1. All my life, not just about sexuality, but everything.

2. Erm, alot of things, though that would just be stereotypical things mostly... I think it's quite obvious after a while Smile

3. Depends who it was and how I fealt about them. (and also what they liked, and hopefully I like them enough to want to please them Smile )
1. That’s a hard one because I can’t really pin it down to an exact date or time. For me it feels kind of like it’s always been there it’s just a matter of when I stopped fighting an just gave in. Which probably happened about year ago-ish I’d say.

2. I don’t think anything trigger, like I never had my A-HA! Moment. My curiosity seemed to slowly build and build till I finally just said F-it.

3. Wow…okay this the real question ain’t it and probably the one I’ve spent the most time thinking about. So here is where I’d say I’m at right now, if I found myself in a sexual situation with a dude.

80% sure if had I opportunity I could top….Bottoming is a littler harder for me to get my head around cause I have no point of reference (and no I’m not sticking any fingers up there or buying some type of toy, because I’m not.) I have to switch things for BJ’s if I was receiving I most likely not have a problem, but giving I can’t even being to fathom how that would feel or taste.

As for maybe more, if I can figure out some the stuff form ^up^ there than the hell why not right.

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