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Birthday Roast
I can take jokes directed toward me and I think it would be a great idea to have a comedy roast for my birthday. My mum thinks it's a bad idea, as the roasters not only insult me, but each other. Most of the roasters are female. Is this a bad idea? I think it sounds great! I have a few roasters listed for it in December and even a roastmaster. We have decided to lay out boundaries (things we can't joke about), but some people think it's a bad idea, including my mum. What do you think?
Gay is happiness
I'd invite her, but make it clear to her that you won't be upset if she chooses not to attend the roast. I personally love roast, it's all intended in good fun, so I don't see a problem with it. Anyone that does roasting knows you can't take the insults seriously.

I usually go no restrictions for my own birthday just because I want to see what all they come up with to insult me on - always a good laugh Smile
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