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Birthday Sex
So one of my friends, who is bisexual and in a relationship with a girl came onto me last night on Facebook. After my roast, he kept talking about a "present" he wanted to give me. I didn't really know what he meant at first, until he told me. He wants to have sex with me and apparently if it's just once, his girlfriend is okay with it! WHAT THE HELL???? At first I was excited, because he's cute and it was late when he told me, but now I'm freaked out. This is not the guy I like. This is really weird, but true. I don't want cheap sex with a FRIEND! Now that I realise it, I don't want my first to be with a close friend who was in a relationship, because I'm not a swinger or a whore. What do I do? :'(
Gay is happiness
Be honest and tell him "thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested in a one time thing with anyone, you included."

Just make it clear you want to say friends and not have sex with him. It is your body, your choice who you have sex with PERIOD.
Just decline the offer of "Birthday Sex". You never know what complications this could actually lead to in the future, it could affect his relationship with his girlfriend even though she apparently says its fine and could also affect your friendship with this person.
I think you already know what to do mate Wink

As much as the heart wants what the heart wants, it is also true that the heart doesn't want what the heart doesn't want Wink
Your desire to keep it right and 'clean' is understandable. Thank him for offering his honor, but tell him you are uncomfortable with honoring is offer.
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Say thank you for the offer but I am not into one night stands.
take a rain check good for when he gets the big straight divorce
Stick with what your heart tells you and wait for that someone special. Thumbgrin
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