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Birthday from hell!!!!
Hello all,
I havent been on for a few days as ive recovered from the birthday from hell.. On 19th January i turned 27 and thought i would have a great day.. The morning went well.. I was getting all messages as normal and about lunch time i hit the pub despite not wanting to go there... I got loads of birthday sayings from friends in the pub and i ended up staying till 17.30 and was ordered to go back at 19.00. I went home saw to the dogs and got on with things until the time to return.. I was feeling irritated as i didnt wanna be there and some collegues turned up and wished me happy birthday and bought a drink... At 2000 the cake was bought out despite half the pub gone and no one doing the traditional happy birthday song... I was asking who wanted cake and cut it into pieces.

Well after this no one decided they wanted any and i said take it home have it later then.... About ten minutes after cutting it my collegues took my friends to another bar and i was like excuse me guys its my birthday we are ment to be drinking here this is the venue i want to be in.;.. They said but the prices are too expensive and drinks at £1.50 in RBAR. I was so angry because i didnt want to drink in that shithole it isnt my cup of tea for a bar and is mainly a lesbian bar.. I watched as 1 by 1 they all walked out the door and left me on my own.. My lodgers asked me what time I would be leaving and I said 10pm and was told they would be back by then... As the night went on and it got closer to 10 i left and went to see my mate and on the way home collected my partner.

My partner was drunk as a skunk and rambling on about needing help. I just thought it was drink making him talk shit as drink usually does. Upon arriving home i got a phone call from my friends wife saying where are you? I told her im at home and she said that my lodger G was upset as had been assualted by her bf and she had been punched in the face. I was like okm on my way back so i drove back into town to see what the commotion was all about and her bf was no where to be seen.. I asked her what had happenned and she told me that the lodgers bf had punched her in the face Then punched his girlfriend in the face so her husband went absolutely mental and pummelled him drawing blood and breaking his fingers as he punched him.

I drove them home and we went in for a cuppa before leaving and my lodger G revealed bruises where her boyfriend had been beating her for sometime throughout their relationship. I saw my mate go again mental and said right lets go find him.. I tried to talk him out of it and he was telling me to make sure that if he comes home i phone my friend because if i dont ill get the pasting...I knew he was drunk and highly aggressive and then he decided to come back to ours with his girlfriend to look after us... On the way home we saw my lodgers bf trying to hitch hike and my mate started kicking off so i figured it was too dangerous to drive along the cliff at 50MPH with an irate man so i kicked him out.. I didnt fancy sleeping with the fishes to be honest if he had tried to turn the car around..

I drove off and my mates wife was going histerical and i told her id turn around and we can drive by checking... When we left him he was facing my lodgers bf face to face and talking... Ten minutes later we returned and neither were seen.. I called my friend and asked where he was and was he calmer.. He told me where he was and i went to pick him up.. I asked him what had happenned once in the car and he told me that this guy said Look im sorry please dont hurt me. With that he said he head butted him and punched him until he passed out... Then he dumped his body behind a bush. l was worried about the re procussions of this on me as i didnt wantr to be in court for something i havent done..

I went to bed at 01.45 and at 03.30 i was woken by a burning smell because my kitchen was filled with smoke because the cooker had been turned on and plastic set on the electric cooker... I was so scared of sleeping that being the only one awake i stayed up all night and at 04.40 i drove back to the punch up scene and checked to see if i could find his body and couldnt as he had come round and walked off.. l kept thinking what if they close the road because his been killed??? I was so stressed and feeling depressed because my birthday had been ruined and id have to kick one of my lodgers out for breaking the respect rule...

After some chat with my lodger she agreed to end her abusive relationship and with my help she is getting her life sorted again... Her mum is able to relax now but as for me... If her bf turns up his being handed his stuff and then his being ordered to leave immediately or he will be done for tresspassing....

Hopefully my 28th one i wont be having this much stress and wont be seeing my friends leave me... It cost me some friendships but io am not going to loose sleep... I think in future i might just have my birthday alone that way i wont get hurt...

Kindest regards and had to get this out somewhgere

Zeon x
Oh dear, that sounds positively like a birthday to forget. I'm sorry to hear that you had such an awful day.

I hope the coming days will be relaxing without any recurrences of those incidents.


Just think, you have many more birthdays to come! So that's many more chances for you to be happy. :-) I've had some bad birthdays in the past and special occasions! But somehow the good ones make up for the bad. Stay positive and smile. :-)
i will do MRK cheers difiant... I think my next birthday i might spend in doors chilling out least i cant get any issues that way
:/ I've never been the social kind to have big parties such as that. lol, unfortunately for you a supposedly wonderful day went awful. I'm sorry : ( to go through all of that especially on your birthday , don't think you'll forget it.

Hopefully future birthdays form now on will be 100%x better! : )

Happy belated birthday : )
Oh wow zeon...I am sorry to hear about your birthday nightmare. I like to make lemonade out of lemons though so maybe it was getting it all out of the way at once so you would have a fantastic year ahead? I hope it all sorts itself out with a good ending for everyone.
Oh my goodness , you poor sweet man.
I hope on your next birthday you are treated like a prince.

Ze, things like that are constantly happening to you. I'm sorry, though... Happier year ahead of this ghastly birthday, then. Bighug
Oh my. I hope it will go better in the future and you're lodgers wont cause troubles. The next birthday will be better, I hope Smile
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
I'm so sorry for what happened on your birthday. It's worse than my 15'th birthday by far.
I wish you a happy belated birthday too.

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