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Bored at the weekend?
Put some spice in your life. Do some of this:

"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams
Humans are the best kind of monkey.
Watching this made my legs feel numb.
Haha there's just no way... I get nervous standing at the top of ladders :eek:
I this kind of thing. the intense thrill makes you feel alive!
cant even play the link - the picture alone makes me queasy as I hate heights , im all for risk taking though but if the consequences is certain death then the appeal is suddenly lost on me - I don't mind the odd broken bone if I push the limits too far but to be scrapped up into a bucket if you miss judge your talent then its a bit too far for me
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
See you in the ortho ward! (Or the morgue if you really fuck it up :eek:
I've never really been bored "at" anything (if I'm "bored" that would be my fault), but ok.
And THERE is the reason you close and lock your windows and/or balcony door when you go out, no matter what floor you're on.
[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
I am so not bored right this very weekend minute.

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