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Sooo my Bf wants to top me soon

But how do i prepare?
like what should i eat not eat etc

im new to this Tongue
sooo commmmenttt!!!!

i already have lube and hes gona get some Condoms :confused:
Definitely have the lube and condoms, but how to prepare?
Well actually if I'd been you, I'd have got some condoms too. I suppose you are too young to go into a sex shop and buy a sex toy that will help you for preparation, which would be the obvious. Sex toys such as dildos and butt plugs need to be sheathed and lubed too before, then washed afterwards.

So the best would be for you two to go super slow upon the penetration thing... You can actually try fingers, your own, to see how if feels, but fingers are no way as big as a penis. Still, it'll give you an idea of what your body tries to do when things are inserted into it. You may have tried this already if you've been thinking of doing anal. If you try with any rounded cylindrical object that you've found, make sure 1) that it won't break; 2) that it won't get stuck in your body (that you can pull it out) and 3) that it is also sheathed (condom) and lubed. And maybe 4, that it is a reasonable size (measure your own length and girth when hard and that'll give you an idea). Something smaller will be good preparation.
Make sure you are relaxed (you know there's the old thing about pushing your sphincters out while he's trying to push it in, which often works if you are lubed enough and also helps to relax), but really go gently and if it hurts ask him to withdraw, and try again a few seconds later (not too much later - the muscles have a shortish pain memory, which they'll sort of forget if you don't force it). I'd say breathe and register the sensation.
Then also about what food to eat, you'll be more comfortable if you don't have anything too fibery, or if you do, then try going to the toilet before you start on the anal, but you might also find that you feel like going in the middle of the action, then say you're sorry, go, get cleaned up and come back. You can't blame your body for doing what it was naturally meant to do when it needs to do it. This is something that all gay men wanting to do anal should rapidly get comfortable with, because that's not suddenly going to change. The rectum is generally mess free, especially after you've been to the bathroom, so there shouldn't be any problem. If this happens in the middle of intercourse, make sure he's hard again and he uses a new condom and you're lubed up again, that's all.
It is generally advised that he should withdraw from your body as soon as he's ejaculated, if he ejaculates inside you (with the condom), so that not body fluids pass into your body upon him becoming flaccid.
Another thing that I'll add, although probably you'll have figured that one out is, don't do oral on him if he's just been inside you without him washing his bits first (soap and water). You don't want to get anything associated with the bacterium that thrives down there, because you weren't safe. I'm sure you realise this but I thought it would be better to say so than ignore it.
Good luck, Snow. Hope you enjoy the ride... and if you don't, maybe anal isn't for you, or maybe you need to try again at some later time when you're better acquainted with your man.
PA, you are awesome Big Grin even myself have some bottom experiences but I always learn something from your post.

I just want to remind snow that be careful with whoever you have sex with. Even it 's your boy friend, if it 's a serious relationship you should ask him to get an STD test. Be careful with oral, it can cause really serious problem.
good words of advice from the Prince heed them well snow
Sorry to be mean but this again? there's gotta be 50 threads about this already...

Prince has offered the best advice here, I think it's an open and shut case here; best of luck Snow, you will be fine. x
I agree with everything that P.A has said . I personally use a douche , but I will expalin here how to use one , because no one explained it to me and i had a very nasty experience lol. ( just think of a power jet wash stuck up your bum lol)
There are two types , one that looks like a extra large turkey baster , fill it with warm water , lube the end then stick it up ur bum and squeeze , hold it in then sit on the toilet and go to the toilet and squirt the water out , repeat serveral times until the water runs clear . You will then be clean inside.
The second type ( my type) attatches to the shower spray and has a valve to regulate the amount of water coming through . PLEASE if u get this type regulate the water so its only a trickle coming out , as this can be very uncomfortable and dangerous otherwise !!! This type is not suitable to use with electric showers as it causes the valve in the electric shower to break and u will end up with water running down the wall.
Do not use anything other than water , no harsh cleaning soaps etc as this could cause damage to the lining of the bowel
I like using a douche because I know then I'm not going to have any embaressing moments .
When ur bottoming , the best way is to relax your anal muscles and take it very slowly , it will feel uncomfortable at first , but an understanding and trustworthy partner is most important , make sure he doesnt just whack it in like he's trying to score a goal . It takes a couple of times to get used to it at first , but after that it gets better . If you dont like it the important thing is to say so and stop , try applying more lube if you want and see if this helps

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