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Boyfriend not meeting sexual/intimate needs
When you request for sex / intimacy, what did he say exactly to refuse you? Tired?

and "Well my needs aren't being met either" did he say what exactly was that?

I think more info is needed to make the whole picture clearer to see the real issue.

Right now it is just like blind guess.
I don't know if others have said this already but chill out. From what I read you're making it into something much bigger than what it should be. You have what others only dream of. Everyone wants sex... including your boyfriend. Just because he doesn't want to do it as often as you doesn't make you any less sexy. Tease him a little, build up to the sex, wear those tight pants and sexy underwear. He will touch you..... soon lol
Why do people start threads and then never any follow-up?
I got busy with my life, that's why there was no follow-up.

Things haven't changed. Discussion after discussion leads to less and less. It's a battle I'm fighting on my own.

And "at least you have a boyfriend" is such a pathetic point to make. Sorry your life sucks, I guess.
As has been and money are the two most common problems in relationships....and relationships are ALOT OF WORK....even the best ones...there are always bridges to cross...and you have a bridge in front of you....

There are no easy answers...but communication is the key to everything..and not just the communication with each other..communication with yourself is important as well....

You have to try to understand yourself be more honest...and people DO change and evolve so if you were together in 10 years from now.,..your situations could bn\e completely reversed.....

Role playing sometimes helps see the other person's POV as well so maybe swtich roles and pretend to be each other and have the same can be very revealing...

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