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Boyfriend or ex boyfriend ?
Hi guys, I need your advise...
I've been married with a guy for 13 years..., we had a very comfortable economical situation, we bought an apartment together and had wonderful plans to buy another apartment in Lisbon to slow down the working rithm and spend longer time by the sea..., but everyday live was unbearable and just one year ago we split... And just 1 week ago a met this other guy at work and was love at first time..., it was a very passionate relationship from the beginning...I felt I had found the man of my life..., he's younger, handsome, incredibly sexy..., and for the very first me in my life I discovered I'm monogamous..., I just can't have sex with anyone else...l well, long story short, I started to feel stressed by the relationship..., he lives 50 Kms away from job, so that means almost 2 hours diving to/from work everyday, less time to sleep, plus I was in charge of almost all domestic duties (shopping, cleaning, cooking) while he was recovering from surgery.... Finally I find out I was suffering all the inconvenient of a relationship but enjoying very few of it advantages ( less and less sex, little to no quality time together ...) that increased my stress levels and increased my sense of frustration..., we had several discussions about it, and things seemed to improve temporally but then went back to the same point of frustration..., until last week , we was preparing our next holidays I reached point of saturation I finally told him I couldn cope with that situation any longer and that the relationship was over..., and left...,
In the meantime the relationship with my ex calmed down and started to see him weekly. Nothing serious, just for lunch or a beer, but enough to start fantasising with eventually getting him back..., and Sunday I talked with my boyfriend and realised we missed a lot each other, we loved a lot each other and decided to come back together...
Uffffff, complicated, isn't it?
I feel an irresistible attraction for my boyfriend, I love him, but im doubting if he's going to be able to work with me to make work the relationship...
And on the other side my ex..., he seems to have changed wanting to have a second chance, but can I trust he understood? And. There is the little detail I doubt I'll be able to have sex with him...
I would love to hear your opinions...,
You don't have to make a decision yet, so wait and see how it goes with both of them before you do decide.
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
In my experience, exes should remain exes.
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
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[Image: 848398.png]
You have two failed relationships. What role did you play in their failure? Were there similarities in them? Did you ever question if you are relationship material?
Are you asking which label--boyfriend or ex--to bestow on which person?

You say that you were married. Legally? Did you divorce and divide property, etc.?

To be blunt it sounds to me like you left a relationship, found something else that you liked and now want the relationship back but with the sex benefits of the second man.

I do think that Beaux is right. Take you time in sorting this.
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