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Boyfriend trouble
I have a bf we have been together for 2 years and dating for 1. He was just asked by an ex of his from a few years ago to go on a trip for basically free to Europe. I do not know this person at all, I fell very uncomfortable with the whole thing. I have expressed this to him but he saying he's going to do what ever he wants. We have been fighting for 2 days now bc of this. What should I do!!!???
i am sorry for you, i think its a deal breaker. at least it would be for me.
I agree with the above post...I dont think that's something I could deal with...If you were invited to go also then i see no problem with it...but your bf going all by himself with an ex?...seems like trouble...even if nothing happened between the two of would always think it did...just try to calmly express how you your fears and thoughts and if he loves you....maybe he'll listen...
I like to think outside of the box if possible but even for me this would be a dealbreaker.
I would split up with him if that was my boyfriend coz if he knows you dont want him to go he should think about your feelings and what its doing to your relationship.
I wouldn't be comfortable being in the position that you have been put in, I too would be questioning his motives. I would feel as if I were unimportant in the relationship to have my concerns dismissed, 'I'm going anyway'...that's just damned disrespectful.

I think you already know what you want to do, it's just hard getting to the point of actually doing what you know you should do.

I wish you all the best.
if you break down the elements fo this then it does not feel good -
1, ex wants ur bf to go on on a trip and pay.
2, ur bf wants to go weather u care or not
3, u dont know this guy and ur bf wants to be with him

it is a great chance to see new places but i just dont think hes been fair, simple as that.

i am not u and not in this situation so just go with whats right for you,,good luck m8
It seems like your boyfriend is not taking into account your feelings about him swanning of to Europe with his ex. You will have to consider will he ever care how you feel in the future, he's best forgotten..? There are plenty of other fish in the ocean.
Thanks everyone for your advice. This is everything I was thinking. I just never thought he would act so selfishly. We will be talking more tonight, no plans have been made yet, as far as I know. But if he goes, it's over
I come at this from 2 directions. I loved a guy who cheated on me without telling me anything. I was devastated and ended the relationship.

I loved another guy who told me everything so I treated it like I caught him masturbating. I just ignored the fact that he was sleeping with his old girlfriend. I just didn't try or want to compete with her. I thought I might lose him forever.

Gay guys look stupid when they act jealous. Gay guys feel insane when they pull a dagger from their heart, This is your call. Their are no rules when love is at the center of your life, Don't ever throw anybody away. You will live to regret it.

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