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Came Out A Week Ago
To those of you who remember me, there's a reason I haven't been on much. I came out to my mom and pretty much now all of my family know. I am no longer in the closet. Its been a week and Ive been staying with his family who've let me into their home and I am eternally grateful to them. I was going to move in with my sister since it seemed my mother wasn't going to accept me anytime soon, but I'm going to try and give her a second chance while she wrestles with this. I do not believe I'm in danger but I have a feeling she's going to be stricter which I'm going to tell her ain't gonna fly with me. So yeah that's why I haven't been on lately and I will say this; coming out to my best friend who was the first person I told was WAY harder than telling my mom. Of course it was hard telling her, but the first person you tell I believe is going to have a very large impact on you and future coming outs, so if you do come out, come out to someone you completely trust and love. Good luck! Smile
Congrats on coming out! I came out to my then best friend and he made a very large impact on me. In fact, he became my boyfriend the day I told him. The only problem is, we're no longer on good terms and he is angry at me for something... plus he's trying to prove something (I don't know what, I won't know until I talk to him again...) However, I know someday (hopefully in the near future)... it will be water under the bridge and we'll catch up on things.
Congratulations on the coming out Smile
Congrats on coming out IT GETS BETTER
well done = u done the hard part, now go enjoy your life as the real you Smile
Thanks guys Smile Ive been enjoying it but now I can be fully myself ^^
Congratulations on coming out. Great to hear you can be yourself now. I was wondering where you went since I hadnt seen you on here. Confusedmile:
Well done. Doesn't it make a huge difference not having to pretend!? I hope your mum comes round soon. Sorry to hear she is taking the news hard.
congragulations im glad your friend accepts you cause he/she is truley a friend

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