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Can You Cook?
I can make many types of paella and some other fancy dishes but on a daily basis I keep it healthy. Lots of fruit and veggies.
Yes ma'am!!
Yes.Kitty Basically I'm more of a meat <strike>specialist</strike> enthusiast! *that's the right word.

Vegetables needs lots of brushing up to do, What I can do though is with Leeks with lots of garlic! especially just peeled garlic cloves throw them in and stir fry make them crunchy in the mouth. ;-D ~ well fair to say I'm good what I do love eating.

I <3 Leeks * they part heavenly next to Brussels sprout.

And what it seems tend can do magic with *leftovers ~ugh. ;-P

Not much a pastry Diva...Only okay with cakes....basically chocolate cakes.
I love cooking, ever since I was a child. I used to follow recipes, but now I simply use my imagination and it's much more fun! I do sometimes google how long something needs to be cooked..

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