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Christmas/holidays music
It's around that time of year where you'll be hearing a lot of X-mas/holiday songs. I decided to make this thread.

I know there's a thread like this that exists... I checked and it's However, it's pretty dated. In this thread, you post your favorite X-mas/holiday songs. Here's one to start it off:

I used to belong to a group and we sang a 14th century piece we called the "little Noel" (because it was written on a small sheet of paper). However it was a huge sound when we sang it with the group's full medieval percussion, wind and brass in a reverberant medieval building such as a cathedral. However, I've yet to find a recording of the piece, or even a printed transcription for that matter. So, for the purposes of this thread it would,for me, probably be Benjamin Britten's "A Ceremony of Carols". I was lucky enough to sing some of these for the first time at junior school, including the treble solo on Balulalow. I've had the privilege of enjoying singing them many times since then. Here are the first three songs from the cycle.

And if you get that far you cannot miss out the amazing "Deo Gracias"

Or if you mean pop/rock music it has to be Sparks. "Thank God It's Not Christmas" is never included on the compilations:


corey tailor that my mates just given me
That made me giggle Wink
Sorry i know this is an overly popular one but its a personal favourite:biggrin:

The bit where the argue is so funny:tongue:

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