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Class meetup next week - how do you get through them?
(haven't posted here for a while but was online nearly daily Smile ...)

It's my class meetup next week, 20th anniversary. I haven't seen most of the people for 20 years now... most probably don't know that I'm gay and without a career.

I am a bit worried that most people will talk about jobs and kids and so on, neither I can contribute anything to, nor does it interest me, apart of my closest friends from back then, which I can count with one hand.

Anyone of you going to class reunions? How do you cope in situations when it's all about the children? What are you doing without being obviously desinterested?
well you don't have to go if you don't want to - but you have made a post about it so I guess you really do want to go - whether you realise or not Smile

just go and see your old friends , if your status comes up then just tell the truth if you want ..your between jobs - and your not partnered right now - there's no lies there .... or you could say I don't have a job and im gay !! how are you ? if its been 20 years and you have not seen these people and they have know influence on your life then don't be so anxious about their reactions to you mate - just go and try to have a good night
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My very simple solution: I don't go to these things.
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Well I am definitely going, sorry if I wasn't saying it clear enough.
I'm traveling there with a friend from my town and we pick up another friend along the way, so it's all definitely planned.

Also, I don't really care what they think about me, I got some more "fuck it" mentality in the past months Wink

I just wonder how to behave when everyone else is talking about children.
Have you never seen Romy and Michele's High School Reunion?
If it were me,,,,, I'd tell them I was married & divorced 3 times,,, and had 10 children - most of which were illegitimate (out of wedlock)......

Then laugh and tell them you have no children and your gay & haven't found a partner yet.

Throwing a little levity into the mix will make it easier to answer those hard questions about your private life.

We Have Elvis !!
I would say the simple solution is not to go. Why would you want to if it's a problematic thing?

As for any other advice, I'm afraid I don't have any, never in a million years I would consider going to one of those.
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Please, people, I said it clearly enough that I definitely *will* go because I want to go.
I was just seeking advice how best to treat the situation when they talk about their kids.

I'm not scared of the event, if I don't meet anyone's expectations, then it's their problem, not mine.
Aquarius Wrote:I was just seeking advice how best to treat the situation when they talk about their kids.

Nod, smile, pretend you're interested, say they're cute if they show pictures, then say you need to go to the bathroom or that someone else is waiting for you across the room or something and then leave.
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The major rule when caught in that sort of small talk is to talk about what they are talking about. In other words, talk about their kids. How many? How old? off to college? For younger ones, what are their interests etc. If people question you about family, etc., just say, "No kids. Haven't married." Leave it at that. Frankly, it is rude for them to pry and if they do, simply deflect with "Things haven't worked out that way for me. It does sound like you are happy and doing well, though." Then you change the topic. "Nice food, eh?" "Doesn't Inge look great." "Sorry, Hans couldn't make it."
I bid NO Trump!

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