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Condom Game
Condoms and a starfruit.
Condoms, a cable and a 200watt light bulb.
Lets see if we can ressurect this in line with the 'how do you buy yours' thread!!!

Condoms and several large bottles of mineral water.
Woolfe Wrote:Condoms & Tabasco Sauce. :eek:

Is it scary that i've nipped out to shops SPECIFICALLY to buy those two things, and those two things only before?? Like to emphasise that they were NOT intended to be used together...

Tabasco goes with everything, i carry it around everywhere in bag. Along with condoms hehehe


Condoms and neurofen don't want anyone claiming to have a headache now, do we??
Condoms and a Bible
Condoms and a can of Mace, just to be confusing.


Ky xx
condoms and a fruit sickle .:tongue:
condoms and Worming tablets
Condoms and a dog leash.
Condoms and a plastic sheet

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