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Confess Your Sin! Awkward Moments Edition
What has been some of the most awkward moments in your life?
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
Hmmm I got cocky and over took a learner driver on a dual carriageway then thought it would be gest to over take the tractor as well which was in front of the learner driver but at last minute I ran out of dual carriageway and ran into the back of the muck spreader which was on the back of the tractor lol.
[Image: giphy.gif]
LOL I have this good female friend of mine, and we're on and off friends. We either love or hate each other.
On that one day, when we still loved each other, we sat in this restaurant and had already ordered our meals.

Within a minute, we went from peace to argue to war.

So we said we don't wanna eat with each other anymore, left our table, went to the waiter to pay anyway, and us loudly, in front of the whole restaurant visitors, "performed" our bitchfight next to the waiter, while paying.

"See you next time!" - "There is no next time! Enjoy the rest of your life!!!"

So we shouted stuff at each other in front of the whole people and left the place in rage Big Grin
had a good one very recently - I went to a festival with friends but I was antibiotics but my friends convinced me to drink with them and have many Jagger shots - after much merriment someone told a great joke and we all cracked up laughing.......I actually though I just passed a little wind laughing....but oh no....I had followed through and ruined my boxer shorts which had to be thrown....funny thing was is my mate asked me to drop my drawers to check lol - he confirmed the worst and we all cracked up laughing again
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
I fell off some rocks at Portland Bill on the Dorset coast last year, skinned my arm, twisted my ankle and badly bruised my back and bum (it was quite a fall!). Trouble was, I was well and truly stuck as the rock was narrower at the bottom than it was at the top and every time I tried to climb back up I fell backwards as the gravity wasn't on my side as the rock leaned back towards me. My flatmate found some fishermen, who, which is just my luck, were very very attractive guys who managed to grab hold of my hands and try and pull me back up as I clambered with my feet against the rock which didn't really have any footholds. As the sea roared below and twice they almost lost grip on my hands, I was screaming NO NO NO NO NO NO like a girl as my life flashed before my eyes. They had to be bloody hot didn't they Sad. Not my best moment Biglaugh
One time, I accidentally mixed up the names of the Dirac and Kronecker deltas.
Calling a bald woman "sir" when I worked in retail because I glanced quickly and didn't notice she was female because it was the busy Christmas period. Her being bald was actually a choice she made to raise money for charity so that cringy awkward feeling ended up with some interesting conversation about charity. Many people saw this happen at the time.
My whole life is one awkward moment after another. I already told you about the cop who I thought was flirting with me, but actually just thought I was super suspicious and wanted to search my bag. That was pretty awkward.

The most recent one was a gay co worker of mine was trying to shock me or something and kept saying outrageous sexual stuff. I tried to one up him and said something really gross... at the exact moment that one of our senior citizen volunteers walked in the room. I didnt realize he was there until after i said what I said and I heard him go "hmph" behind me. Now this really nice old man thinks I'm like the filthiest person in the world... My co worker got a big laugh out of it though, because the volunteer didn't hear anything he'd said.
Ok, let's get one thing straight. Awkward is my default setting.

Awkward things have been raining on me like projectile vomit since I can remember, so "awkward" seems to be the "normal" for me.

Even so, there are moments that are at least 5-fold higher than the control experiment with p<0.01 of statistical significance.

One such moment was at work, me running some samples on the HPLC-ESI-MS as usual, someone starts knocking frantically on the door, I'm the furthest away from it and yet no one else seemed to want to get off their lazy asses to open it so there I go a wee bit frustrated and I open it juuuuuuuuuust a bit too enthusiastically, so I slammed the door on what turned out to be my boss' face. Gave her a mild puffy lip for a day or two.

Accidentally! (people seem concerned when I don't say that)
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]
My first gay experience; I met a guy on CL who was on my college's campus. We traded blowjobs(orally sucking on one another,) sin the cum... Haven't seen him since...

My default setting is also AWKWARD AS FK...

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