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KJ1989 Wrote:I went through a phase of trying to learn to crochet....didn't get far >,< I still have everything in my room ha

It took me a few tries to learn crocheting, but then when I learned it I just stopped, I have a lot more fun knitting, I felt like with crocheting I always had to guess where to put the hook, meanwhile knitting, all the stitches are lined up there for you on a stick.
I',m the total opposite I can't bake without a recipe. I can cook anything though.
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Cooking is an art, so respect lol I can cook a small number of things really well. Aside from that, I can cook for myself to my satisfaction which is good enough.
I can take ashes and make lye, then take rendered fat and make real soap.

I mostly do wood working as a 'craft'. However I used to do leather work - bags, belts, chaps (no not the type you find at leather bars, chaps for like cowboys, farm workers who deal with life stock).
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That's cool, I've always been interested in soap. I've made a few leather items myself, it's pretty fun, similar to working with cloth but somehow more satisfying...
In my ealry and mid 20's I was a rod crafter and would make rods to customer specification, which at times involved some very intricate thread work, any thing from a name to a countries flag, I made several with a Japanese flag when I was living over there.

And as clarification, I'm talking fishing rods, not at easy as you think to get it right.
I was curious when you first said rod, though now that I realize you meant fishing rods, yes I understand, that has to be a weighty craft.
Frustrating. At times you are working with thread that is finer than cotton and sometimes with enough tension to cut your finger tips, worse than paper cuts.

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