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Curious about health
Hi. I recently discovered myself as gay when I came Korea, 3 months ago. I had hookup sex for five times in gay saunas in these 3 months. i have been top always, and never been fucked nor i sucked cock. Even though i had safe sex, but i realized that sauna is not safe, because so many people mingle with each other.
now, for the past three days, I am having sore throat and swollen at left side only with little pain and it hurts while swallowing, with no fever or cough. I am worried about any virus attack like HIV or herpes. I am taking anti allergic medicine for two days but it has grown rather than decreasing. What should I do? please help me. I can't tell anyone about this matter.
Sounds like you have inflammed lymph nodes. That could be a million different things that are not even sexually transmitted diseases

HIV and HSV don't work that way in any case.

Maybe the initial stages of HSV-1 infections can come with that kind of imflammation but HSV-1 infections happen mainly during childhood. HSV-2 is not related to the area you described, so Herpes is an unlikely cause.

HIV infects only CD4+ T lymphocytes that are circulating in the blood stream, so there would have to be an open would and contact with infected fluid in a direct manner. That aside, the effects of HIV infections take years to appear. You can rule out HIV as a cause for your illness.

To be honest I think you're overreacting. Simple colds can come with a sore throat.

I would think, given your symptoms that you have tonsilitis (although bacterial infections like that often come with fever) or some similar affection, especially considering the inflammation and your pain while swallowing. Lawrd knows I had my fare share of tonsilitis when I was a teenager and the symptoms were fairly similar.

As such, go to a doctor so that they can prescribe you the antibiotics and get you back to healthy status in no time (if it's some bacterial infection) or wait it out with fluids and maybe aciclovir (if it's viral). Not to mention that none of us here are proffesionals to make a proper diagnosis. If it goes on, get to a doctor, say you have a sore throat. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that.
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The best way to handle this is to go to a doctor. Explain the symptoms and let the doctor decide how to help you.

While you are there, ask the doctor about testing for sexually transmitted diseases, all of them. There are certain matters of timing to be dealt with.

Treat this responsibly. Your symptoms may not mean anything serious but you will feel MUCH better when you know what is going on. Knowledge is power.
I bid NO Trump!
By the way, kashi, welcome to the board. The guys here are always glad to answer questions. Hope you will hang around and get to know some of us.
I bid NO Trump!
Please dont take it wrong. Actually I am too much worried about my health and studies, I didn't go to attend university for last 4 days due to this problem. I dont have fever, but only painful swollen throat and headache sometimes. I cant focus on studies and I cant face the people due to some hyper tension.
I read on internet that these symptoms might be of HIV or herpes. I dont feel so hungry for 4 days, i have stomach burn and I am eating almost one time a day. It made me so weak. Please help if you know better than me.

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