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Dating again after a breakup
I can totally relate with this post. The last 'relationshit' I was in
was roughly three years ago and it didn't really end on a good note.

It often does suck seeing your friends in relationships and the like,
some of my friends it seems relationships comes so easy for them. One
friend broke up and found a boyfriend all within a year.

I find myself also thinking, "Damn, it's been awhile now should I shift
it into gear in my love-life?" lol, to honest I haven't really put much thought
into it as of late since I have other stuff going on that's far more important
that being in a relationship.

I'm also trying this 'new thing' of not comparing my life with other people,
and it's working out, hehe. I'm also putting myself first 'priority wise', and I've
just been working on myself [physically and mentally] and the goals that I've
set for myself.

Once I've accomplished those goals and am comfortable again, I'll get back
into it. But as of now, it's not really priority number one, lol sometimes I get
nervous when people say, "You'll find it [love/relationship] when you least expect it."
then I go, "But, I ain't got time fo' daaaaat!" haha jk Wink

good luck~!

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