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Did i just slip up?
So if your didn't know I have been at my new job for a month now. Everyone seems content with my performance. Today after me and a co worker (a guy my age) had finished unloading a truck. We we're taking a break and it was just me and him sitting on a crate outside of the store. Then he says, "He check it out lou at 6 o clock" which translated into "look behind you"-There two women walking past and I just lifted an eyebrow. "He goes yeahhhhhhhhhhh" and I just chortled and said "silly rabbit." and then I walked away. It was kind of the seed of uncertainty/confusion i always plant when faced with one of those situations. Now at the end of my shift we we're cleaning up and he goes, "He lou, do you like girls?" I just stared at him for a brief second and gave him the "wth are you talking about" look. He says, "Just be honest." and I hesistated for a brief second and simply said no. His eyebrows went up, and at that EXACT second (I'm not even lying!) an aggravated customer came up to him demanding stuff and he scurried away to help her. his shift ended after mine so i left before i could see him again. I'm kind of nervous for the next time i see him. Because i can technically cover it up. I mean he DID ask me if i liked girls, which is false simply because if i were straight i would like women and that would settle that. But should i just get it over with and say that I'm gay if he brings it up. I mean he probably already knows, but i can probably throw him into some labyrinth of riddles and puzzles so hard he'll avoid even talking to me because i'll force him into the meaning of life talks LOL. (years of the closet and literature do this to you) But i'm kind of trying to be more open. I'm also trying to trust people more and I don't personally like the guy. (he's not my type and a straight shooter). But still. Should i cover it up? I'm a little disoriented by my own choice to even say that. I kinda just bled out.Scatter
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I'd say not to say anything. If he brings it up again it's because he's curious his own self! Just play it cool, like you've got confidence in yourself and your sex life is respectful and private and you'd be glad to be candid and share with him if he REALLY is interested...but I'd have him confess just how really interested he is and maybe why before I'd go further than what you've already said. He'll either spread it around or keep it cool, so maybe your ask him why he asks if he brings it back up. Then if he squirms a bit with it, just say, "if you really do want to know just between us I'll tell you but only if you really do and will respect our privacy." (using the word 'our' may be important) This is wonderful practice for you! Xyxthumbs
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If he tries to keep it on the down low then you've a new friend in the making... If he blabs you'll know you can't really trust him beyond acquaintance and you've got an easy transition for coming out in a subtle way without making a big deal about it. HoPe with works out well for you!
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Slip up? I do not know if that is the right term.

Being open, honest, hoping against hope to just be excepted as is and without conditions - perhaps.

Since he 'guessed' by your reaction and didn't get all weird on you, he most likely has no issues with LGBT - might even be one himself.

I think you are safe here.
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I agree. likely safe here. If he brings it up again, just be honest. Really life is so much easier that way.

Now that's not saying just open the book and let it all hang out, there are things best kept private and reserved for the chosen few to know. We all have a few of those things but, just be casual and honest about being gay. If it's no big deal to you, it probably won't be to anyone else either.
that happens to me when i meet new guys (str8) , they just pop taht "you like girls?" . I immediatly say nope , i'm gay ; and i give that accent of mine ... "yeah i'm gay , so what were we talking before you asked me". The thing is for you to not make a big deal out of it , if you say it like "i like cookies" they can't posibly react wierd ... Some of them will just "ignore" you for a while , then they will start keepign in touch ...
Yeah gee......I see what you mean.

I do agree with what everyone else has posted but.................Look this is the mother coming out in me now. There is no use worrying about it now. It's been said and done. Have an action plan on what you will do if you get confronted. You have to be prepared if he is going to be aggresive or confronts you about it. Have all your bases covered as you don't know how some idiots act when they find out you are gay. I really don't want to frighten you but just be careful because a lot of straight men don't know how to handle gay men and they can become aggressive because they think this is the manly thing to do.........idiots they are. Straight men think that you will try and hit on them so they get scared and then their small minds become paranoid. You can either stand up to him and tell him you are gay and hopefully he will be cool about it all or you can retract your statement in a round about way just in case if he is a bit dodgy and then when you have gotten to know him better,.............and time is right and the planets are aligned...........tell him then. Take care and all the best with this one.
Hey, Lou, maybe he's asking for himself... Preaching the false to find out the true? I'd go for honest, if you think you can trust him... but then again you can remind him that it's a private matter. Something to the effect of :
''Lou, are you gay?''
"This is something for ME to know, and for YOU to find out...'' Wink
I think I'm just going to treat it like its no big deal. In general it shouldnt be. But to me I simply hope it doesnt make my job difficult. regardless, i wont take any shit from him if he does talk about me and I'll report his ass. My company supports gay marriage and they made it very clear when i was hired.
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no harm in being prepared, but my gut tells me it is a storm in a teacup and you are thinking too much about it. You'll be fine Wink

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