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Diet/What Do You Eat Everyday to take a #2
lol kind of nasty, but my question is, what do you guys eat everyday to constantly take a #2 once everyday?
Health wise there is nothing wrong with having a bowel movement once every 36-48 hours, and you don't need to get worried over a problem until it's past 72 hours.

Now if you are wanting daily because you want to clean out for anal sex, then there are a few options to insure that. A high fiber diet, rich in whole grains, legumes and, vegetables. A Fiber supplement like BeneFiber, or stool softeners, not a laxative just a medication that draws more water into your lower intestine faster than increasing you fiber intake will but, are not for long term use.
Fibre-rich foods that are the most accessible might be whole wheat bread and other grains. Nuts are a good source, if you;re snacking.

Another very Fibre-rich food is seaweed! I like to snack on it, not for the poo factor but East asians just love seaweed. It's so salty and savoury.

Other than that, make sure you are never dehydrated. Drink constantly, but not sugary drinks because they make you constipated apparently.
I've never had to work at it. My bowls are way too good at what they do. My eating habit is whack, but my #2's are allways regular. one right when i wake, one sometime midday, and possibly a third if i'm lucky. no joke.
a good way that i make sure i go #2 everyday eat about 1-2 mangos a day itll make you have to go.... then again it might just be me
I don't do this, but when I do need to encourage my body a little I think yogurt, dates (or failing that, prunes), and honey oat bread (this last one works really well for me which is why I don't use it unless I know I won't be caught somewhere I don't want to be when I suddenly need to go).
Focussing too much on inner health is as unhealthy as focussing not enough on inner health.

You don't have to give birth to a politian every day to be 'regular' as regular is what is normal for you and that can be giving birth to a politian every other day and as long as you aren't constipated or got the runs constantly, you are healthy.
I on average dont often dump my load once a day its usually every two or three days.. I dont eat a lot of fruit because of current funds and as for fibre well that doesnt come into it much either yet i often find myself snacking rather than eating healthy foods.. l know hopefully after christmas once i got myself turned around i can afford better items to eat rather than the same old shit

kindest regards

Zeon Wink
I dont think it is strictly necessary to poo once a day but as long as it is regular. More fibre can help with your bowel movements, and avoid junk food. More fruit and veg.
Thanks, and yes it is for Anal sex. I want to be able to know when I can and cannot do it. Spontaneous gay sex exist?

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