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'Different' Gay Films
This thread is NOT about the best gay films we've all seen (there's already a thread about that). I'm interested in discovering gay films that are in one way or another a bit different and are not just your usual run-of-the-mill boy meets boy (or girl meets girl). They don't have to be great films (although obviously that's a bonus).

So I thought I would create a thread and see what happens...

To get the ball rolling I will suggest 'A Man of No Importance', starring Albert Finney. Set in 1960s Dublin, Finney plays a bus conductor with a passion for the plays of Oscar Wilde but is secretly gay (what a surprise!) What I like about the film is the fact that the guy does not get the guy and, ultimately, not much actually happens. Its just a nice observational film about the characters involved.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I've only ever seen one guy film but I cant remember the name of it, it was on Channel 4 back in 1995 or 1994 I do not remember sorry, it was about a white guy and a Asian, but there is another one with a 15 year old lad who is going out with an older guy and doesn't know the lad is 15 to after the had sex. I think I mite be getting two films mixed up.

Any one know what the name of these films are called??
I saw one a couple years back called L.I.E., its a strange movie about a young boy who has a crush on an older, punk who kinda uses the the boy. However, after they break into this old man's house and try to steal his guns, the boy becomes interested in the old man who a closet pedophile. Anyway, its a strange movie buts its worth watching at least once..
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A different country, a period gay drama witn the delicious but a lot younger Rupert Everet. Two public school boys fall in love but then everets friend gets married and lives a lie. Very touching.
Oh there is one film I like and thats Brideshead revisited the 1981 one though .
I've loved that film since I was really young...

Plus I really fancy the younger Jeremy Irons lol!!
I havent watched it yet but heard that The Curiosity of Chance was different but very good. It may be very new... when I do get a chance to watch it will let all know.
Mysterious i aint seen but apparantly its a must-see [Image: thshrug.gif]

Phil! Wrote:Mysterious i aint seen but apparantly its a must-see [Image: thshrug.gif]

OMG, Mysterious Skin is pretty crazy. Very difficult to watch. Great story, great acting, really great story telling but very difficult subject matter.

Yes, a must see!
Anyone seen CRAZY? Its a great coming of age film from Canada; brilliant stuff.

I love Mysterious Skin, but can't watch it very much. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is fantastic in it... and after watching 3rd Rock, its embaressing to fancy him(!)
Hey just read a review for this film which is called Bent made in 1997 by Sean Mathias. Never heard of him though..

The film is about two gay German men who are forced in to a concentration camp for their sexual preference. Despite not knowing each other, the two manage to form a relationship which is entirely chaste - and yet more emotional and sexual (without sex) than a couple co-habitating. If you have not seen this film, watch it - the sex scenes (without sex) are completely unique to stage and screen. It will tie you up in knots, but it is definitely worth it.

I haven't see it yet but I think it sounds really good..

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