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Disabilities.... Lets talk...
I figured once a week i will create a thread about issues of life for us to have some chin wagging after my sucessful post about depression exactly a week ago today...

This week ive chosen to talk with the community about disabilities... I often wonder what being disabled means to people in life... Just little over 100 years back in victorian era people living with a disability were seen as demons and dis-owned by family... Even the simplest disability... Yet in todays society we often see disabled people not getting equal respect to that of abled bodied people... I live in a small city where there is a high disabled population and have witnessed people with a disability struggling to do something which is ment to be a very simple smooth task..

Why do they struggle is a question one person i know asked me once when i spoke about this topic and one of the main reasons is various hazards which occur in their days when out and about that dont happen in ours.. Just to list some of the obstructions in their world and lack of respect is businesses with bloody A boards advertising some cheap crap merchandising for them to benefit from.. Many businesses display these monstrous boards outside for joe bloggs to gawp over and usually never actually ending up inside however you do see some more respectable businesses showing common sense by placing these advertisements in their windows.. You see many drivers parking right across a dropped kerb preventing easy access.. Do drivers in todays society not care for others even in a stationary veichle?? I think most people would be naive and think when you fall over you may have a few cuts and bruises but if your wheelchair bound im sure you would have not only this if you tried to get off a high kerb but you could potentially end up making your condition worse such as a bone disease whereby your unable to be able bodied...

I find disabled people especially those with more serious cases feel as though at times they have to try to justify themselves to society just to break even and why should they in a modern world which we are ment to be all equal.. To understand this more i took on a challenge once being short sighted of trying to survive a day without my contact lenses... I soon realised that driving is a massive no no... To actually be able to cook a meal ment i had to look closely at the packet in order to figure out the cooking instructions and going into town was a nightmare... Not able to read the bus destination until it was closer was a horrible feeling.. Living a world of blur for just a day made me realise that in effect anything that makes you struggle through your day regardless big or small is a disability of some sort... More serious cases get you your blue badge..
A regular in the pub i drink in is wheel chair bound and he was wheelchair bound after a serious car accident through drink driving.. He has openly admitted he has had suicidal thoughts about life because he is depressed that people look at him and no one wants him... He came in the other week and revealed that a member of staff in a known pub referred to him as a "spastic" (i hate this word immensly) because he struggled to open the door and this member of staff had to help him in... This caused alot of uproar in the pub and when people went round to the known bar this member of staff had finished his shift.. My step dad is disabled and has cronic arthritis... Eight years ago he was holding down a well paid job in a factory walking the dogs twice a day with me then aged 18 and was able to be free and i never thought id see the day my mum admits to me that she has to help him get out of bed and washed, dressed and downstairs... With all disabled people some days are good some days are bad but my step father has been accused of mis-using his blue badge and to justify peoples abuse he takes out his frame everytime he goes out..
When i see someone in a pub who is disabled and i talk with them i dont think about their disability or whats wrong with them i look at the one thing which isnt disabled and thats their personality... I think of the positives to them and if conversation turns to negative thoughts this helps create an ice breaker to making them realise they dont need to justify themselves to me because a disability doesnt stop someone being friends with an abled bodied person and if there is a problem i would say at a rough guess you would find the able bodied person with the problem because they may feel they cannot accept the disability they are looking at within themselves so they quietly leave... Im sure there are members here with a disability, whatever it be great or small i was once told no one is perfect in this world... We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses its just realising what prevents us and accepting them inside... We may or may not have loved ones with a obvious disability but im sure we all have someone with some form of disability so my advice to anyone who is reading this....

Next time you see someone with a disability struggling in the street regardless of its nature dont be frightened or embarrissed to help.. I openly admit i used to be because i didnt understand but now i do understand especially seeing cases of this in the most three important parts of my life.... Home work and lesuire... God forbid but if you still felt frightened id ask how would you feel if you was in their shoes and the people you wanted to help you get across a street or pass a giant A board just walked on by.......

Kindest regards

Unoffical gay speak agony aunt
your based in the UK, you have a national health plan.
where i can feel for your situation its different here in the US.

In the US citizens are always one step away from bankruptcy. You especially feel this if you have some personal resources and know you could hit an economic reset if you encounter a life saving procedure that is not covered by insurance or your insurance gets canceled or you face an extended illness where you get your insurance dropped. I had an employer tell me they routinely dismiss the employee who dosnt report for work for >30days. Your left unemployed and w/o insurance. You get to watch your savings dwindle to zero. sweet life.

a while back the nation went into an up-roar when we tried to convert to the metric system so the probability that anything is going to change is nil.

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