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Disney movies
I've been slowly collecting the dvd's with the shiny 'o-rings' (covers). I probably only have about half of them , so far, if that.
My favs :

The Little Mermaid
Snow White...
Friends complete box set in 2013, what a waste of money that was! never off the tv or on streaming platform.
1syellow1 Hi—I think this movie is a branch off of Disney, but has anyone ever seen the animated movie "Fern Gully" the first one? I was too disoriented but I came across a copy at the store a long time ago; I regret having to have purchased it. It's about a fairy that falls in love with a regular man! It's a great, humorous, and family-oriented movie! You should check it out!
"[ 1syellow1 1syellow1  ] The most beautiful boy is nothing." - Socrates/Plato

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