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Do You Agree?
What do you think of this?

[Image: SBSB.jpg]
I don't agree. I think it is absurd, as much as I disagree with much of the policies and ideologies of the right wing.

I compare politicians to car salesmen. They tell you a bunch of shit so you buy into their crap...instead of a car it's a vote and sometimes you get a lemon both ways.

You have to realize many of the right winged politicians, hosts, whatever, are catering to the older crowd, who are more religious, closed minded and have specific special interests from specific companies in specific sectors who are going to push for a policy that is popular among certain demographics in addition to those who work in a particular sector. Sounds pretty general. Look at it like this if a company depends on overseas trade (like Wal-Mart) being cheap they might support "Fair" trade, so they might align themselves with democrats and therefore support many of the ideologies and policies that democrats in general are pushing. I think much of it is a carrot on the stick and things are aligned for a certain reason. If you follow the cookie crumbs you will find the root of it all. Someone, a company, a country is getting some kind of benefit for pushing some kind of policy, the social issues are mostly smoke and mirrors. This is why politicians are one minute pro-life, pro-choice, against gay marriage, for gay marriage because they don't give a fuck they just want your vote so they can get in office and do what their donors have asked them to do.

Dark and gloomy sounding? Probably because it is. Just like the sales person at a car lot who's trying to get you buy crap you don't need. Anyway, that's a 10 mile high view on how I see politicians. I don't follow politicians nearly as close some folks on here do. I mean who the heck wants to, it's a dog show. I'm just going to watch Rick & Morty lol
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

[Image: 848398.png]
Donald trump does a cameo in the movie home alone 2. I was watching that yesterday and there he was.
To adopt the metaphor, [MENTION=18508]East[/MENTION], I really do not know who Omar Mateen is. Oh, I know who he is but I don't know who he is. Who is he?

Now, dispensing with the verbal hijinks, it really was never clear to me why he went on that shooting rampage. His fifteen minutes of fame seems to have been jumbled into a series of other horrible acts since then. I have become UN-comfortably numb hearing of horrible things.

If the people in the checkerboard represent to you what Mateen did, it is likely that you will not find much argument from me personally, though it is difficult to espouse that each and every one of them thinks in exactly the same way as a particular mass murderer. Please allow me to give you another view: Is it not possible that our present malaise is attributable not to the presence of the chart of idiots above as much as it is to the deep lack of trust in, and engagement with, values such as tolerance, the need to understand the background of issues before jumping to judgment, and placing intellect before that particular blend of prejudice and emotion which has become the trademark of right-leaning America? These last are the things that I was taught as a child and have grown to respect as an adult. Some, eager to paint with an unthinking brush may think that I was raised on Mars, or in some liberal coven in the Northeast or in a commune in Big Sur. Sorry, I come straight from the heart of Hoosier conservatism, and I love and revere corn on the cob and apple pie.
I bid NO Trump!
I think.... I don't get it.

*Looking confused.*
[Image: Signature500.jpg][Image: Signature502.jpg]
I have a lot of opinions about this but kept them to myself so I could listen to what other people said...and I will write them down later....

...but in the meantime for reference...

The movement WE ARE ORLANDO shows solidarity with the victims and also lets people know it could have been any one of us...

So...conversely..the people who regularly advocate for discrimination and worse against gay the people in the photos who are proud and loud about it...they are certainly one with the They are part of the fucked up thinking that the shooter has..and they use this to get votes and to divide are hey not partially responsible...on some level?
I see the association and I do agree. I just feel that memes like that, of any kind, don't really solve anything. I honestly think social media and the media in general re to blame for this sudden boom in discrimination and hate. I don't know but the mass shootings and hate acts have just exploded and doesn't make sense why otherwise, nasty side effect to social media.

The problem I have with memes, specifically political memes are that they take a nuclear approach to an issue which generally has no accuracy.

I don't think there is a simple answer because trying to get people to know what it's like being in our shoes and dealing with all the problems we face and so on. Sexuality alone is complicated let alone throwing in some right winged southern Baptists into the mix, now you got bigotry and hate on your hands and wind up with violence and more hate.

Last time I checked all that isn't what being a Christian is about and as a human I don't think it is something that is representative of an intelligent species, or a supposedly intelligent spicies. I think we're in a sea of dumb people and the few smart people made the society and technology we have. If it werent for those people I guess we'd be drooling all over ourselves.
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

[Image: 848398.png]
Yes and no, I think the man's psychological issues (as well as the issues of the people pictured) are too deep and multifaceted to reduce them to a meme.
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
The people in the picture im guessing have all done or promoted something anti gay...(UK here so I don't USA news that well) - the world is full of these types of people with their brain washed beliefs and your deaths are not going to change those beliefs one bit - with the majority its religion based and with politicians its based on what will get them the votes (politicians are a different form of human all together) if attacking the gays in a certain state or abortion then that's what a politician will do - the oncoming decades are the what will end these types of people = look at how far gay rights have come in a short time - 30 years time and the next version of trump will be wooing the gay crowd for its vote and not profiting off gay deaths like the current Trump and his NRA fuck buddy's

wow I can ramble when I want lol - cant be bothered to delete it now so ill post it
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
[MENTION=18508]East[/MENTION], where did you find the document?

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