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Do you associate Heavy Metal with Depression
I have recently overcame a very overwhelming and long depression. Any who, I used to listen to bands like Cannibal Corpse almost religiously. I no longer listen to this kind of music...I dont know if its because I am no longer interested in this style of music or if its because it will make me depressed/appear depressed... What do you think?
Hi Pridepancakes,

Personally , I would say that you may have out grown them, I do not associate Heavy Metal with Depression.
Perhaps you can no longer associate with the lyrics, this happened to me with Pantera.

At any-rate if this music depresses you or puts negative thought in your mind, leave it alone.
Your mental health is far to important.
I hope you are getting some professional help with your depression, it is vital that you do.
I know first hand how incapacitating depression can be.

We are all here for you if you need to talk.
In general, no.

Cannibal Corpse specifically? Maybe. Though the name sounds vaguely familiar (I probably heard them on a metal show I used to listen to over 10 years ago, assuming they were around back then), I know nothing about them, their style, or their lyrics.

Holy crap, I just did a google search and I see YT links for songs like "Orgasm through Torture," "Stripped, raped, and strangled," and "Necropedophile." I just listened to excerpts of all 3 (plus "Make them Suffer") and they kinda remind me of Slayer, not that I'd mistake one for the other. Very good vocabulary (I wonder if Cannibal Corpse knows how to correctly use as semicolon in their lyrics as Slayer does as well? :tongueSmile, but very morbid songs and not my style at all. I did find myself nodding a bit to "Orgasm Through Torture" but the lyrics kinda messed me up (and at some point I thought "eww" and hit the back button). I really don't get the appeal of bands like Slayer and Cannibal Corpse (though I presume it's the same kind of appeal as the more bloody and horrifying movies and video games), but I have known Slayer fans and some of them weren't depressed, one of them even had a cynical and wicked sense of humor that I enjoyed.

Just so you know, I listen to a wide variety of bands (I suppose I have a slight preference for darkwave), including metal. Metal bands I've liked are Nightwish, Tristania, Ill Nino, Killswitch Engage, Cradle of Filth (haven't listened to them in years, however), Lacuna Coil, and some Rob Zombie (I tend to love it or hate the individual songs, though I need to be in the mood for it even when I do listen to the songs I like). Within Temptation is also one of my favorite bands but I have a hard time thinking of them as metal.

I discovered 80s glam metal less than 10 years ago on YT and thought it was hilarious, I loved how the performers were winking at the audience while giving censorship groups of the time the finger (and the gender bending was a nice bonus, and also a lesson in how a guy can look extremely tough while wearing lipstick). And as a kid I sometimes listened to Iron Maiden who knew more about world history than my world history teacher.

And just for the record I've never been prone to depression.

Now that I think about it, the music that makes me the most depressed is country with so many songs about break ups, broken families, heart breaks, gang rape, even domestic violence and child abuse, and songs like Whiskey Lullaby. Not even Bella Morte can compare to how depressing a lot of country is (though Bella Morte is very poetic, IMO). Dolly Parton in particular has songs about ghosts and tragedies (as an example, look up Mountain Angel) that I've even suggested her to some of the more morbid goths I know who enjoy angst. And when I did I once heard how much they (goths) loved Johnny Cash's remake of "Hurt" and how "he made it his." Even Trent Reznor is said to have been awed by the cover (especially the video).
To be staight to the point; no, I don't associate heavy metal with depression.
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
I don't either. I've listened to alot of metal over the years and none of out depressed me.

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I think it would cause depression for me, My younger brother loved death metal...I see it as negative energy and that would depress me. He killed himself....I don't think death metal had anything to do with it specifially but it sure as hell didnt' lift him up.
Actually i don't because it is the whole Misery loves company. I listen to it and rock out, and it releves stress. and plus i love the style of music too.
Not one of my favourite of genres, but I would say no. Its sad to hear to it does depress other people though.:frown:
The heaver the heavy metal is for me means that I'm very pissed off
dlboy53 Wrote:The heaver the heavy metal is for me means that I'm very pissed off

Not one of your favourite genres either?

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