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Do you look for one-night stands or relationships?
i still believe that there will be someone who can make me add to my looking for-true love guys list ^_^
just to buck the trend, I'll say that an open relationship can be committed; it just doesn't have a self-destruct clause automatically built into it... I mean, once in a while, things happen. It doesn't mean you aren't committed to your bf's well being... or freedom... in fact I thought the ideal of the open relationship was greater love, not less. Differnt stokes, I guess!
I tried doing the whole no strings thing once, and it was no fun at all. Needless to say, it was actually no fun at all. I say you wait until you find a (kinda) right guy. But then again, my whole relationship track record has been kinda crappy lately. Regardless, I think you should avoid one night stands. They're incredibly demeaning.
I'm desperately looking for a relationship, sex is nice and all but love is so much more fulfilling, having someone who's there to give you love and make you feel better is amazing
I absolutely loved sex with lots of different men and I have no regrets and would do them all over again...and I have never ever looked for or wanted a relationship...which is probably the reason I have been in one almost continuously since I was 16 :biggrin: LOL They always say when you aren't looking...blah blah blah...very true for me...I don't ever think the thought of "wanting love" or a partner entered my mind or ever came out of my mouth yet I have had four major relationships and the current one will be almost 25 years now.

I had one relationship with one guy who liked three ways and it was an open relationship..had lots of fun (DAMN:biggrinSmile...unfortunately I liked the sex but I didnt' like him very much so....

...I did like one night stands but to be honest I preferred four hour stands much better (just keeping it real) :biggrin:...I never felt demeaned at all. I always crack up when Puritanical America audiences stand up and cheers on one of those god awful confessional shows when someone states they are a virgin and are waiting for this or that to happen first....

I want to hear a real whore stand up and tell us how much they have learned from all the men they have been with and how much it has added to their lives...I would stand up and clap...loud!Astrosmiley2 I have long ago moved on to tantric sex...would highly recommend it.
been the one night done the one night many many many times.

I need more than JUST sex and thanks to this site I found it in a wonderful man.

commitment to one man is the best way. at least for me.
I'm with the other 78% of people who voted 'committed'.
I don't know, to be honest.
committed relationship for sure, theres more than sex in a relationship
like emotional support and some one you can turn to when having issues
i like having a few people on my email or messenger that i can send a quick message to and at least be fucked by one of them in the next hour or two

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