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Do you look for one-night stands or relationships?
I will be going home this morning. Showering and staying nude. Make sure my door is unlocked then email a guy i talked to yesterday and let him know I am ready whenever he can come over to my house. Then I will lay in bed and fall asleep so he can walk in on me naked and asleep. I like the "rape" feel and not being able to identify who fucked the shit out of me.
Monogamous has suddenly taken on a whole new meaning! Sounds like those "vegetarians" who eat chicken.
I like BOTH. I prefer one night stands until I find a relationship. And while I personally don't have a problem with open relationships, I usually prefer monogamy.
im not sure
depends on mood but atm relationship
Either one! Big Grin
Commited relationship. Even though Ive yet to meet some1 Tongue
I think this poll takes the pulse of the sort of membership this site has...
Commited relationship, here too...
Committed relationship.

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