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Do you look for one-night stands or relationships?
I like the poll results Smile
I'd have to say committed relationship as well (even though i haven't met anyone yet .lol.)
Committed relationship. With someone very sweet, of course. Confusedmile:
I find one night stands to leave me feeling empty so I vote for a committed relationship!
I'm actually looking for a committed relationship. I'm tired of one-night stands.
I always go for a commited relationship as i dont like the idea of a open relationship or one night stands.
I take whatever cums my way.
Definitely not the one night stand type. I like to look for relationship more than to have fun.
I have never had a one-night stand. I don't judge anyone who does, whatever works for you, works for you. As long as no one is getting hurt, and you're acting safe, then that's all that matters.

For me, sex = intamacy, and I need to be with someone for a little while before we get sexually active.
I'm not into one night stand and temporary hook up as well. I'm looking for a committed long term relationship.

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