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Do you see a psychologist?
I'm surprised a topic for this has not been started. Does anyone here go for counseling?

I do and it really helps. I go to group therapy as well.
I'm having my first appointment tomorrow actually. I'm extremely nervous.
I see a psychotherapist.:tongue:
Had a meeting today actually.
It really helps me feel better...but its hard to explain in what way.
I've been seeing psychotherapists for the last 4 years. Changed psychotherapists 3 times.

Its really help keep me...alive i guess. As to be honest i only get to talk "Properly" about the way i feel about my life and stuff IN real life with my psychotherapist. Not to say i haven't had some rough patches though.
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Ingz Wrote:I'm having my first appointment tomorrow actually. I'm extremely nervous.
Good luck, Ingz.
No...they tried to send me to one back in school after I broke a guys nose, didn't go very. They brought in this guy to talk to me, I flipped him off and walked out.

I don't need an overpaid psychologist to tell me that I'm a little left of center, i know that and made my peace with it.
Here in Germany it is quite unusual to go to a psychiatrist and you have to have real problems to even to get an appointment.
This year I was there once ... because the normal doctor want to know, whether I have psychic damage caused by the chronic medication with morphine and heavy painkillers ..... the Temrin I had to wait 3 months. The only question was whether I want to kill me ... I said no ... * g and was healthy.
I think psychiatrists and psychologists are overrated
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I went for stress counseling once at school, one of those free services the uni offers.

In a more embarrassing vein, I had a drug overdose once and had to be cleared by a psychologist as not being a threat to myself or others.

Those are the only two instances of counseling I've ever had. I'm also boring and don't touch drugs or drink anymore.
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Nothing boring about not touching drugs and drink, Pip... It might actually make you a more fun person if you can tap into you real inner resources.
the docter told the pisycartirst to see me a bout feeling sad and things but im still waiting a long time
I saw a therapist for a couple sessions back when I had my breakdown. Before that and since then I have never been to a psychologist or other such person.
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