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Do you shave pubic hair down there?
Ive shaved it 2-3 times in the past. I didnt like it so i let it grow au naturel. I did have a crazy bush going up till a week ago. I decided to do some trimming and got carried away to much. I was forced to cut it all off but didnt use an razor. I used a beard trimmer. I may keep it short or I may let the bush grow back. Im not sure.
I trim , and shave my balls , I found that aloe vera cream stops any itching . Just got to make sure its a regular thing . Dont use an electric shaver before trimming first because a nick on the balls hurts like mad lol
I've shaved my pubes twice before - once very badly (ingrown hairs everywhere; ouch!) and once not so bad. The key is to NEVER SHAVE AGAINST THE GRAIN! You might think you're getting a smoother shave in the short term but 5 minutes later you'll feel the horrible itchy pain.

I don't do it on a regular basis tho because it's too much work. I do tend do do a partial shave, leaving the main bush alone or trimming it, but shaving my scrotum. Somehow because the skin is softer there it's not as easy to irritate. Plus that's the part my boyfriend likes to have smooth the most, for reasons I'll leave to your imaginations Wink
It seems like shaving is time consuming. Even though, I prefer to shave but I don't have time to do that regularly so I just let them grow a little bit ( same length with when you trim ) and reshave every few weeks.
Genersis Wrote:I shaved down there once...never again.

And i wasn't perfect.........(In other words: Ouch)

And i really don't find shaved attractive.....trimmed is HOT and Un-trimed is still cool.

I SHOULD trim......but i don't wanna.....
Tried trimming a week ago. The trimmer started running out of power halfway through, which i though was halarious...but also anoying obviously.:tongue:
I couldn't decide wheather i liked it or not at first. But now its alittle bit longer, i like.Confusedmile:
Now the question is, can i be arsed to do it often?
Probably not.....:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Oh, may i also add. The poll for this thread doesn't make much sense to me.:confused:
I don't understand what you're asking exactly.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
i shave it all off i like the smooth feeling and its cleaner
I think its a good day on earth when us men can bring back that sexy 70's chest hair, im only 17 and i look like a 70's pornstar.
Love chest hair on chest hair when cuddlin'...

(I wouldnt mind not having that hair right above my ass but not quite lower back area just right there it looks like a hairy tramp stamp)
I usually shave my balls, but only trim the top once in a while. I like my partner(s) to have some hair, but whatever design or shape they want is just fine by me.
I don't really understand the trend in the past 20 years that has men shaving their bodies and removing their hair? Saved pubes and balls?...kinda creepy for me. I am not sure what the appeal is supposed to be...I think it looks unnatural and it is a turn off.

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