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Do you shave pubic hair down there?
Well, some tops consider smooth partners more...gentle, know?
i shave like once per 2 weeks
occasionally...but sometimes i just let it be. but if you were to ask me whether i'd like a man shaved down there.... hell yeah!!!
I manscape, but definitely don't go crazy with a razor. I'm not a fan at all of the completely shaved look but also try to refrain from forest status.
but i've observed, guys with shaved pubic hairs tend to have dicks that looks bigger. when you have pubic hair around, your cock looks smaller.
Trimmed!!! for sure. not too long, not too short. all leg/arm hair, trimmed chest hair, trimmed beard, trimmed D+B, trimmed butt. irresistable.
I am a hairy dude. I have hair on my legs, my chest, and stomach--all that I trim. I get the occasional wild hair on my shoulders and I just razor those off when they appear. My lower back (right above my ass) has a patch of hair that I keep razored off too. I like to keep the ol pole trimmed and edged, but the nuts I shave. Rolleyes
I prefer mine to be shaved. Also for hygienic reasons.
I like keeping it trimmed. Pretty short. I use an electric razor. Shaving after letting it grow for a while is actually soothing. But if I can help it, I won't let it grow that long.

I also keep my arm pits trimmed. And thats really it in terms of body hair for me.
I like to keep myself trimmed , using a body trimmer , but like no hairs on my scrotum and shaft of my penis . Its just what I prefer and my boyfriend has no complaints ....after shaving down there guys ...tip to stop the itching ...apply aloe vera gel , it works wonders

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