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Do you still remember your first love or lover?
i remember everything about my first crush and first love, both of whom broke my heart so badly..but i dont remember my first kiss or first sex cause i dont know ....not good..
First love was unrequited, but we've remained good friends. First time was with my ex. We weren't together long but we still talk a lot too
I don't have nor have I ever had a lover and I've only had 2 crushes, but my first crush was, and still is, my best friend. We've known each other for about 8 years. He knows not of how I feel, but I've had a huge crush on him for about 4 years already. Sadly, this is as far as I am able to go in this relationship for he's straight and is also currently in a serious relationship. But, life goes on, I guess.
Yes, I do - I think it's a bit hard to forget your first. Mostly good memories, except the break up but, that was my own stupidity.
Yes and every one night stand!
yep, try as i might to forget, I still remember him.
Yes, of course. Does one ever forget one's first lover? I'm sure it's pretty significant to most people.
As a telepath this is the kind of question I love. Sensations are permanently recorded in my soul. The first guy I loved from birth to 8 was Tommy Mullins. I trained him to be a telepath by being close to him. We lived in the same crib, we moved around Harlem in NYC in the same carriage. By 2, we ran around holding hands and bumping shoulders. We pretended to be deaf mutes because we needed no language to communicate.

At 6 in the first grade, we added joey Leonard. Joey didn't respond to telepathy so we had to talk to Joey. Mostly we used certain movements and signs to communicate our love for each. All of us were members of the Irish Republican Army. We hung out in the backroom of an IRA bar called the Hillside at 124th St and Amsterdam Ave. Joey would jump up on a rifle crate and lift a rifle and shout, "This is my rifle." Joey grabbed his crotch. "This is my gun!" He lifted the rifle higher and shouted, "This is for killing!" He grabbed his crotch again. "This is for fun!!!" Tommy and I were amazed that Joey had a hardon. It looked like fun so we grabbed our dicks and shouted with him.

At 10 I fell in love with Jimmy Joseph, a long haired native American boy who was the most beautiful boy or girl in my Catholic grammar school. I loved to help him get undressed in the sacristy. In front of other altar boys, I would help Jimmy put on his pure white surplus. I would pull down both of our pants to our ankles. We played with each other's hard dicks and kissed each other everywhere we could get our mouths. I loved having nude sleepovers with Jimmy.

My sister, Margaret, was 5 years older than me. In the 7th grade she became the blow job queen of our grammar school. Margaret and her friend, Sheila, exchanged blowjobs for cigarettes and slices of pizza. She was much in demand. She often blew ten guys in a row in the backrooms of bars.

Catherine was 7 years older than me. She delighted in having multiple orgasms while burning me with hot steam irons starting when I was 4 months olds. You don't forget the feeling of having your dick burned with a hot iron. Catherine loved to leave the entire mark of the iron on my back and belly so other kids could walk by and lift my shirt. Everyone had fun looking at me. I was the kid being tortured but whose parents never noticed anything. As members of the IRA,, my parents assumed I could feel no pain. I seem to remember saying OUCH more than once. But the pain of men was unimportant to my mom. She had 2 beautiful daughters to worry about.

Catherine loved to masturbate her cousin, Terry, to multiple orgasms. Alas, Catherine jilted her cousin becayse she was afraid of being accused of incest. Catherine fell in love with the most beautiful lesbian I have ever seen. I prayed Catherine would love Sally since Sally drove a souped up 1963 Pontiac LeMans white convertible with black leather bucket seats. I knew I would marry her if Catherine didn't. Alas, Catherine became afraid of the wrath of cousin Terry and married a phone company repair man in 1968. Fortunately or not, they stayed together for 42 years as an amazingly unhappy devout Roman Catholic couple. They gave birth to creepy children who pretend they have no idea what sex is. I could swear I saw my sister smile at her husband. No. I am wrong. Catherine smiled for her wedding picture. Catherine stared at her drunk husband for 42 years because I guess she hated the idea of enjoying life. Her husband stayed drunk for 42 years and died with a beer can sutured to his lip. He loved the NY Giants and he was the grand lizard of the Knights of Columbus. Often wondered if the guy had a brain but I never did see him sober.

This is my favorite truth. i loved my life as a strange gay man. I had the strangest collection of weird friends any guy could imagine. I have laughed for most of my life and had such good times I feel like God should punish me. I guess I lucked out. Sure glad I wasn't heterosexual. Straight guys are so boring they bring tears to my eyes.

Thank God I have lived for 66 years. I'll take 20 more if God wants to hand them out. I had an interesting life.

By the way. My family had a great trait. We had a great sense of humor and we never gave a shit what others thought of us. I take that back. Catherine cared deeply what others thought which is why she had no sense of humor. Love life and go all out. No matter what you do you will eventually die. Since my guy Tom is in heaven, I may still get there also. Better not learn any new sins. Got enough sins of lust to keep God busy forgiving me. I sure hope Jesus died for my sins. I ain't getting into heaven on my reputation.
i remember losing my virginity

i wish i didn't , though
What is love???
Something that confuses me, and that perhaps I realize too late...

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